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Subs `totally useless'


Re: Canadian submarine docked extra year after leak found, Dec. 22

One of Canada's four used submarines will remain docked for an extra year due to leaks. Not surprising at all. The used submarines were bought from the United Kingdom in 1998 for $1 billion. They were not operationa­l when they were bought but were sitting on dry land. They are totally useless. The Navy states that they still have good life in them with some modest investment­s. In 2017, the government promised to invest $2 billion to extend the lives of the submarines. A total waste of taxpayer money, considerin­g that in 2019 they did not spend one day at sea because they were not seaworthy.

The Canadian government website describes Canada's submarines as having a promising future. According to the website, Canada now has a fully rebuilt and sustainabl­e submarine capability. They are stealthy, wellarmed and can patrol over vast distances. This is truly a pipe dream, and one that is costing billions. To perform any mission, the subs must first be seaworthy, and it is obvious they will never be. Cmdr. (Ret'd) Roger Cyr, Victoria, B.C.

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