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2021 horoscopes

Georgia Nicols tells us what the year ahead will look like, from Aries to Pisces and beyond.

- by Georgia Nicols Illustrati­ons by Natala Krechetova/Getty Images


(March 21-April 19) `Few people know so clearly what they want. Most people can't even think of what to hope for when they throw a penny in a fountain'

— Barbara Kingsolver (b. April 8, 1955)


You're an initiator. You start things because you are motivated and passionate. This is why you're the energy and brains behind so many exciting new projects. You're competitiv­e because you hate to lose. You're the warrior of the zodiac, which is why you rise to every challenge and lead with blind optimism. Sometimes you hesitate to own your own property because this might clip your wings; and yet, you want security. You love animals, especially baby ones. You are creative and can do anything with your hands. (Training? That's cheating!) You like fast cars, jaunty hats and daily adventure.


Last year was tough. This year your life will flow more easily because Saturn is no longer at odds with your sign as it has been for the last two years. With little effort, you will move in the direction you want. Relations with bosses and VIPs will improve. Important people will help you.

This is still your time of harvest, which means you're reaping the benefits of the seeds that you planted in the past 15 years. This also means it's a time of serious responsibi­lities but also deserved recognitio­n for you.

You will feel a growing need to define boundaries. In the recent past, as you enjoyed increased responsibi­lities and success, everyone had a piece of you. This year, you will start to move away from this.

Despite your desire to protect your independen­ce, this is the best year in over a decade for people to help you. You will be successful in working with others, especially in groups. Because your idealism will be aroused, you might be involved in nonprofit organizati­ons. The more that you improve the lives of others, this benefit will return to you. The key theme for you this year is co-operation with others.


This year friends and new contacts as well as your involvemen­t in clubs and organizati­ons will actually benefit you, which is why you couldn't pick a better year to join groups and associatio­ns. Naturally, this is a two-way street, and you will help your friends and romantic partners as well.

Note: Although your involvemen­t with others will benefit you more than usual, you will also have to focus more on “fitting in.” (Not always your style because you like to run the show.) The more you make an effort to interact with others and help them, the more the quality of your own life will improve. This applies to romance and partnershi­ps as well.


This will be a better year for home and family than you have had for some time. The fact that things will run more smoothly for you — that in itself will improve your relations with family members because you will be happier and more relaxed.

However, other factors are also at play.

This year you will realize you have to take time for yourself. This realizatio­n will give you more time for relations with family and loved ones. A wise choice.

One factor that will affect those of you who are fortunate enough to still have a living parent — your relationsh­ip with your parents will improve. There will be more give-and-take and more mutual practical support.


In 2023, lucky Jupiter will be in your sign, which will boost your confidence, and at the same time, bring you good fortune. Ironically, you will also enter a three-year window where you will start to downsize and let go of what is no longer working in your life. While you're doing this, you can look forward to increased earnings in 2024. (If not increased earnings, per se, then an increase in your wealth.) Yes, you will get richer around 2024-25. Factoid.


“I appreciate the benefit I get from others!”


Reese Witherspoo­n (1976); Harry Houdini (1874); Gloria Steinem (1934); Martin Short (1950); Nathan Fillion (1971); Lady Gaga (1986); Norah Jones (1979); Christophe­r Walken (1943); Marvin Gaye (1939); Eddie Murphy (1961); Maya Angelou (1928); Lily James (1989); Jackie Chan (1954); Saoirse Ronan (1994); Eudora Welty (1909).


(April 20–May 20)

`Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it'

— Harry S. Truman,

33rd president of the United States,

(May 8, 1884 – Dec. 26, 1972)


Because your ruling planet is Venus, you are loving and peaceful by nature. This is why you love beautiful things; and many of you are collectors. You love good food, good wine, and because you are the most sensual sign in the zodiac, you love good sex. Your keen tactile sense creates an interest in massage and your excellent sense of taste makes you a gourmet. You love your creature comforts. Neverthele­ss, if you're fired up about something, you work hard. You enjoy gardening and delight in flowers. Many of you have a wonderful singing voice. You are the financial wizard of the zodiac.


You begin this year with a determinat­ion to succeed at whatever you're doing. Will this happen? Oh yes! This year, by a happy coincidenc­e, both Saturn and Jupiter are at the top of your chart, letting the world know that you are a success! It's your turn to put your name up in lights! Cherished dreams will also come true.

Because this is your time of harvest, you will see what is working and what is not. Many will get a promotion at work or public recognitio­n or the esteem of your peers. Naturally, you feel fuelled by this admiration and will work to promote yourself even further. You might travel more in connection with work or have greater involvemen­t with foreign people.

Instead of a promotion, some will be able to change their career now to medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel.


Because you're enjoying one of the most successful years in your life, profession­ally speaking, naturally this gives you greater appeal in the eyes of others. Do not let success blind you to the real opportunit­ies for happiness that are present in your relationsh­ips. It's easy to be grateful for friends when you're down. Remember to value your friends now that you're shining. Value those who are with you during times both thick and thin.

Because this year is a time when you clearly see what is working and what is not – some of you might decide to end a relationsh­ip or partnershi­p. If this is a case, quite likely, you know that down deep in your bones, you should have left this partnershi­p between 2012-2015. Better late than ever.


Life at home and with the family will go smoothly this year because this is such a successful year for you. It often follows that if one is successful in the external world, then their internal world is also happy. But not always. We have all heard stories from people who grew up in families where their parents were absent due to worldly success. Make sure you make time for family and loved ones despite the adulation you receive from your outer world. Also, an unusual event has been taking place and will continue to take place for your sign, and it is that the wild, wacky Uranus is in Taurus from 2018 to 2025. Uranus wants to break down old patterns that aren't working to force you to think differentl­y. Old limitation­s that you have placed upon yourself or accepted from others might become unbearable now, and you feel the need to break free.


Next year, in 2022, you will continue to enjoy the profession­al success that you have earned this year. (That's good news.) However, you will also enjoy more interactio­n with others and increased popularity, not only with friends but also through increased participat­ion in clubs, groups and organizati­ons. However, the singular most obvious quality to the year 2022 will be that life will flow more easily for you.

In 2023, lucky Jupiter will be in your sign, which means you will have divine protection. You will be optimistic, positive-minded and happy to be in your skin! And by 2024, you will get richer!


“I'm proud of my success and my ability to let go of whatever is not working.”


Judy Davis (1955); Barbra Streisand (1942); Renee Zellweger (1969); Channing Tatum (1980); Drew and Jonathan Scott (1978); Uma Thurman (1970); Wes Anderson (1969); Christine Baranski (1952); Paul “Bono” Hewson (1960); Stevie Wonder (1950); Sofia Coppola (1971); Jack Johnson (1975).


(May 21–June 20)

`I'm going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up on Sunday morning

and going to the deli'

— Michael J. Fox (b. June 9, 1961)


The reason you are so interestin­g is that you are interested in everything. You especially love people. This is why fascinatin­g conversati­ons and fun times with others are one of your favourite things to do. Of course, this allows you to show off how articulate, quick-witted and clever you are. (Never forget that you are the wordsmith of the zodiac.) You love to learn, especially in short bursts. You like magazines, YouTube videos and anything that can keep you up on the latest. Your freedom is important to you because you are a spontaneou­s individual. You love a gang of adoring friends, which is why social media suits you perfectly.


In terms of your career and reputation among your peers, this year is all about getting performanc­e ready for 2022. That's because next year, in 2022, you will shine in the eyes of others. You will “appear” successful and affluent (even if you don't do anything special).

That's why it's important to know that what you do this year will affect how good you look next year. Get more training or further education so that you're in top form next year.

This is also an excellent year to explore opportunit­ies in publishing, the media and the law as well as anything related to medicine. Except for May, June and July, for this entire year, Jupiter will be in your fellow Air Sign, which means this is a pleasant year. In fact, you might feel it's so easygoing, you want to kick back, relax and do very little. That would be a mistake.

Your creative potential is enormous right now, and you can accomplish a great deal that might be more difficult to do in other years. Plus, financial issues favour you.


This is a wonderful year for relationsh­ips, especially romance because you feel healthy, positive and good about yourself.

Because you want to broaden your understand­ing of the world, you will like meeting people from different background­s. You will also find it easy to be tolerant of situations or people that might normally annoy you. Even your sense of humour is better this year.

Consider joining a gym or a team that involves physical activity. Whether you hike, bike or join a photograph­y club — you'll be enthused by sharing ideas and activities with others.

Because you are approachin­g a life peak, you will be increasing­ly attracted to subjects about higher consciousn­ess, philosophy, metaphysic­s or religion. You want to know more about your potential.


You feel you're getting a better understand­ing of the rules of the game of life. Because you are eager to learn more, you might like teaching a family member what you know. Because this is an easy-going year for you, you will also be more easygoing when dealing with relatives.

You will enjoy good times together because your health is strong and you have a feeling of well-being.

Also, because you feel more financiall­y secure this year, some purchases might promote good times with family members.


You have a marvellous window of several years ahead of you. By happy coincidenc­e, the arrival of several different planetary influences will give you a very successful run going on for the next five years. Next year, in 2022, you will put your name up in lights. People will admire you and your accomplish­ments. Right after that in 2023, and for the next several years, you will be enjoying your time of harvest.

By 2024, lucky Jupiter is in your sign, which brings good fortune, confidence and increased self-poise — and by 2026, you will get richer.


“I am happier and more relaxed this year!”


Bob Dylan (1941); Octavia Spencer (1972); Maeve Binchy (1939); Annette Bening (1958); Morgan Freeman (1937); Anderson Cooper (1967); Mark Wahlberg (1971); Prince (1958); Natalie Portman (1981); Jordan Peterson (1962); Stellan Skarsgard (1951); Bianca Andreescu (2000); Kendrick Lamar (1987); Nicole Kidman (1967).


(June 21–July 22)

`Writing is not necessaril­y something to be ashamed of, but do it in private

and wash your hands afterwards'

— Robert A. Heinlein (July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988)


You are a nurturer who understand­s that caring is the essence of nursing. You know how to bring things back to life: a bland soup, a dying plant, an ailing pet, a sick child or a motor that doesn't work. (But, let's face it – you can't throw anything away. ) You are sensitive, witty and humourous; a talented photograph­er, a gardener and a chef (when you want to be). You don't tackle situations head-on; you approach them tentativel­y from the side. You enjoy boats and marinas, but what really makes you grin with satisfacti­on is getting a fantastic bargain. Are you a cheapskate? Not really. Do you buy full-price retail? “Are you crazy?”


Your career is your life path. It might be how you earn your living; but for many, it has nothing to do with earning a wage. It's what you are known for. This year, your focus is on shared property, inheritanc­es, insurance issues, and the wealth and resources of someone else, perhaps your partner. You might encounter disputes and negotiatio­ns about third-party finances, which include debt. Saturn will make you serious about these issues, but lucky Jupiter will bring you opportunit­ies to gain wealth, especially from others.

Please note: This is an excellent year to get a loan or mortgage or raise money for a new enterprise or an existing business.


Your closest relationsh­ips with friends and partners will improve this year. It was a challengin­g time for you between 2017 and now; however, the dust has settled, and, you might be getting along with less support from someone, even though, paradoxica­lly, you are also getting along with more support in other areas.

This is a passionate year for you, especially sexually because you have abundant, intense energy. Your relations with others will not be casual because Pluto is opposite your sign. In fact, your closest relationsh­ips are lifechangi­ng. However, the most important thing to know about this year is that on the whole, your relations with others will improve your life. This will also be a year of growing and learning because you cannot avoid dealing with people who have opposing or different values from yours. This discovery will be one of your learning curves in 2021.


This will be a beneficial year for home and family for you because you will benefit from the gifts and wealth and resources of others. The advantages that come your way will therefore indirectly benefit where you live and also those who are closest to you. For example, some of you will receive an inheritanc­e or have the opportunit­y to use something that someone else owns. Because this is a learning year for you in terms of having to compromise with the values of others, this maturing experience will no doubt benefit your relations with family members. One obvious benefit is that you will more easily get a mortgage to buy a home or expand or improve your home. If you do receive money or an inheritanc­e, you might want to set it aside because in 2022 you will want to travel or do something to expand your horizons.


The year 2022 is exciting one for you because all kinds of different things will happen that will expand your experience of your world. You will have more opportunit­ies to travel than you have had in over a decade. Furthermor­e, these travels will boost your knowledge and experience of other cultures. Some of you will explore avenues in publishing, the media, the law and medicine.

By 2023, you're laughing because lucky Jupiter is now travelling across the top of your chart boosting your reputation in the eyes of others. They see you as successful and affluent.


“This year I benefit from other people's resources and wealth.”


Prince William (1982); Erin Brockovich (1960); Frances McDormand (1957); Mindy Kaling (1979); Ricky Gervais (1961); Kathy Bates (1948); Debbie Harry (1945); Bill Withers (1938); Dalai Lama (1935); Ringo Starr (1940); Anjelica Huston (1951); Tom Hanks (1955); Chiwetel Ejiofor (1977); Angela Merkel (1954); Tantoo Cardinal (1950); Alex Trebek (1940).


(July 23–Aug. 22) `Women love romance, but they're not as romantic as men'

— George Hamilton (b. August 12, 1939)


You are proud and regal. You are also generous. (You will borrow money to lend it to someone.) You are creative, especially in acting, writing, teaching and the fine arts. You shine in many areas, particular­ly in the entertainm­ent world and you want recognitio­n for your talents. You're a busy person with a sporty style that is distinctiv­e and memorable. Sunglasses, snappy cars, chunky jewelry and animal prints are a Leo trademark. (You like to be noticed.) You're a leader who is brave as well as playful and entertaini­ng. You're a protective parent. You are committed to whatever you do.


This year is a turning point. From 2005 to 2012, you re-reinvented yourself. Following that, you explored where to live, what to do — all considerat­ions that were personal and internal. Now your focus will swing from your personal developmen­t to your external world.

Many of you will receive recognitio­n, especially for your efforts in the last few years. Starting this year, you're in the game. This could mean you might experience tension with profession­al partners. They sense your newfound strength and might be threatened. The truth is some people around you do not want you to change. The upshot is that you might experience conflict with co-workers, bosses and profession­al partners because they're dealing with someone stronger and more ambitious.

Fortunatel­y, this year you benefit from the wealth and resources of others, including partners. It will be easy to get a loan or to raise funds for a project.

You're starting to believe in yourself, which is a good thing because three years from now your reputation will shine.


When it comes to romance, this year there's good news and bad news. The good news is you have a better idea of who you are and what you want, which is helpful when dealing with your friends and partners. You will be less inclined to go along to get along. You will also be less inclined to kid yourself about a relationsh­ip and hope that it is the way you would wish it to be instead of how it actually is. The bad news is that some relationsh­ips will end this year because they have outlived their usefulness. You realize that life is short, so why invest time and energy in a situation that is not working?

Meanwhile, you might get richer, which will make you more relaxed and more appealing. This will give you the fun choices that enhance a relationsh­ip.


This year you can benefit from the wealth of others, which might help you bring advantages to your family. You might redecorate, renovate, buy and sell. You might be in a better position to help someone go to school. Because this year is the culminatio­n of a process that began around 14 years ago, people will notice that you relate to everyone a bit differentl­y. This doesn't mean you're less co-operative, but it does mean that you are more assertive about demanding your own needs and wants.

The most challengin­g area will be with spouses and partners. Some partnershi­ps will end. However, don't be alarmed. If you are in a relationsh­ip that is meant to last — it will endure.


In 2023, you have fabulous opportunit­ies to travel. This is also an excellent year to explore opportunit­ies in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Something will happen that wonderfull­y boosts your reputation in 2024. You can expect a promotion at work, or public recognitio­n or the increased esteem of your peers during this year.

By 2025, your popularity is strong. You will be more idealistic and will want to improve the world around you in a positive way.


“I appreciate the recognitio­n I receive and will continue to work hard for my future.”


Woody Harrelson (1961); Elisabeth Moss (1982); Jason Momoa (1979); Martin Sheen (1940); Greta Gerwig (1983); Roger Federer (1981); Daniel Levy (1983); Viola Davis (1965); George Soros (1930); Halle Berry (1966); Oscar Peterson (1925); Sean Penn (1960); Amy Adams (1974); Usain Bolt (1986).


(Aug. 23–Sept. 22) `You write a hit the same way

you write a flop'

— Alan Jay Lerner, playwright, lyricist for Gigi, My Fair Lady, Camelot

(Aug. 31, 1918 – June 14, 1986)


You are intelligen­t and extremely discerning with words. This is why you can mimic or imitate others. You have an organized mind and like to make lists. You buy vitamins you never take. You're witty. You notice details more than any other sign. You are aware of health and hygiene, even if you eat junk food. Because you have a genuine desire to serve others and be useful not only in society but in your circle of friends and loved ones — everyone wants to be around you.


This year you will work hard to achieve your aims and goals. (This applies to everyone even if you are retired.) On the upside, this is the best year in over a decade to improve your job. You can get better duties or a better work situation or perhaps your terrible boss will quit. And if you don't improve your existing job, then, trust me, you can get a better job. Having said that, this still will be a year of hard work for what you produce.

Basically, your effectiven­ess as a human being is being tested this year. Therefore, conserve your energy. Take care of your health and tackle every day slowly and carefully. Baby steps. Sometimes we think small efforts don't count but this is not true.

Saturn has just entered your House of Health, which means you might be troubled with creaky joints and bone issues. You might also have dental issues. (Saturn rules the skeleton and the teeth.) However, counteract­ing this, lucky Jupiter will boost your good health and will give your body physical strength and vitality.


This is the best year for romance and new love that you have had in over a decade. An existing romance, as well as the possibilit­y of a new romance, will be a source of joy for you this year. You might encounter someone from a radically different background or from a different country. Your romantic relationsh­ips this year will teach you more about the world than you ever dreamed possible.

Meanwhile, you will feel more confident this year and have the courage to be yourself and express yourself to others without fear or apology. Neverthele­ss, despite your impulse to enjoy lightheart­ed romance, you will be more serious about your expectatio­ns.


You have a strong work ethic this year, which means you won't be a slacker. This year you're in a hard-working, responsibl­e frame of mind, which in turn, will be supportive of relations in the family and at home because you are more than willing to do your share. Likewise, you are more than willing to help others because as you will quickly see – others are ready to help you this year.

Parents will find it easier to be a responsibl­e role model to their kids because you will be able to demonstrat­e a nice balance between work and responsibi­lities along with play and carefree joy.

This year you will correct old prejudices or attitudes. Welcome this opportunit­y. Your new insights will affect family members as well. When you think about it, to be disillusio­ned means that your illusion has been ripped away, and now you see things as they really are.

Because you might take up the study of science, technology or even astrology, you might share your new ways of looking at the world with family members, which means your efforts will benefit others as well as you.


In 2023, you will benefit from the appreciati­on of your past efforts. This year you will also benefit from the wealth of others. The year 2024 promises great travel opportunit­ies as well as a chance to explore new avenues in medicine, the law, publishing and the media.

By 2025, lucky Jupiter is at the top of your chart making you look fabulous in the eyes of others. Neverthele­ss, your true time of harvest is actually in 2030.


“I will improve my work this year!”


Chris Pine (1980); Jack Black (1969); Cameron Diaz (1972); Van Morrison (1945); Lily Tomlin (1939); Keanu Reeves (1964); Idris Elba (1972); Laura Ashley (1925); Neil Peart (1952); Tyler Perry (1969); Agatha Christie (1890); Nick Jonas (1992); Bill Murray (1950).


(Sept. 23–Oct. 22) `Go, and never darken

my towels again'

— Groucho Marx

(October 20, 1890 – August 19, 1977)


It could be argued that you are the most charming, attractive sign in the zodiac. (Another reason this could be “argued” is that Libra rules the legal profession.) You are affected by your environmen­t, which is why lighting, colour, form, design and texture are important to you. You love beautiful rooms, beautiful restaurant­s, beautiful clothes and beautiful jewelry. You have a social conscience and a strong sense of justice and fair play. You are an excellent mediator and can bring consensus to opposing views. However, you are a people pleaser, which means you hesitate to be candid at times.


This is a strong year for you because you are an Air Sign and for the first time since 20012003, Saturn will be in your fellow Air Sign, giving you solid, practical support. You will be focused, on point, self-discipline­d, ready to work hard. It will be easy to be diligent and perseverin­g. Some of you might get job-related training. All of you will have a chance to make your profession­al world stronger and more secure. This is also a year where you might win recognitio­n for your efforts and your achievemen­ts. Certainly, bosses and people in authority will be impressed with your diligence.

Since 2010, you have reinvented yourself, and now you can give this “new identity” stronger interactio­n with others. One thing is certain: Whatever you produce this year will be the result of hard work.

Because moneybags Jupiter is in a favourable position to your Libran Sun, this is also a good year for finances.


Without a doubt, this is one of the best years in over a decade for romance, love affairs and fun relationsh­ips with platonic friends and casual acquaintan­ces. The reason for this is that Jupiter is travelling through one of the most fun-filled parts of your chart, which means you feel confident in a wonderful way! You have the courage to be who you are and express yourself without fear or apology.

This year will bring opportunit­ies for personal growth and increased wisdom. Romantical­ly, you might become involved with someone different from you or from a different background. Because your creative potential is so strong this year, you will be happy exploring new ideas, entertaini­ng others and sharing fun discoverie­s!


At the beginning of this year, you might still want to do home repairs. Likewise, you might have important discussion­s with family about how to handle future scenarios. The reason for this is you want to secure your home and family as this year begins. Later in the year, some of you might find that children are an increased responsibi­lity. It is what it is. (Hey, with parenting, it goes with the territory.) And yet (go figure) you will also discover greater joy through your kids this year, which will be rewarding and gratifying! In the same way that your sign rules fashion and haute couture, Libra also rules the fine arts. This is one of the reasons you love and appreciate beautiful things. I mention this because this year, many of you will have the confidence to explore your creative abilities.


In 2022, you can improve your health. But the really big news is that you can improve your job; and if you can't improve your existing job, then you can get a better job.

In 2023, partnershi­ps and close relationsh­ips will be richer and more rewarding. In fact, 2023 is the best year in over a decade for Librans to get married! (I hear the wedding bells as we speak.) In 2024, you might become enriched by the wealth and resources of others, because money, goodies and inheritanc­es might come your way. However, you will work hard that year.


“This year I'm happy and I have the courage to be myself!”


Donald Glover (1983); Lilly Singh (1988); Gwyneth Paltrow (1972); Dita Von Teese (1972); Sting (1951); Clive Owen (1964); Susan Sarandon (1946); Parminder Nagra (1975); Bella Thorne (1997); Joan Cusack (1962); Martina Navratilov­a (1956); Kamala Harris (1964).


(Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

`I always try to improve, to find ways of expressing myself, to keep looking for truth and originalit­y''

— Burt Lancaster

(Nov. 2, 1913 – Oct. 20, 1994)


You are the most strong-willed sign in the zodiac. You're passionate, intense and capable, which is why you can accomplish so much. You fight for what you want, although you tend to see the world in black and white terms: you love something or you hate it. You have amazing powers of self-regenerati­on and can improve yourself through self-discipline and willpower. Yet, you are playful. You're the trickster of the zodiac. You're a passionate lover. You know that to fix something, you have to get down to its essence, and if necessary, remove the problem.


This year you can make money through realestate speculatio­n or selling and buying your own home. Many of you will work from home more than usual; and those who work from home will have a fortunate year. Some of you will become involved with family members to boost your earnings or create a family-owned business. However, profession­al partnershi­ps are a crapshoot. You might enter into a partnershi­p in a sudden way, with someone unusual. A relationsh­ip that began suddenly might end suddenly.

It's important to know your success is based on your ability to convince other people that you know what you're doing. This sounds axiomatic because this applies to every sign. However, for Scorpio there is a special twist. Leo is at the top of your chart and Leo rules royalty. Therefore, if you convince others that you are “the best,” that they're lucky to do business with you, then you will be more successful. Therefore, act confident, be knowledgea­ble, be firm and decisive and get your ducks in a row.


Romance will be wonderful in May, June and July because Jupiter will slip into Pisces, your fellow Water Sign. This can occur only twice in a 12-year window and it gives you a feeling of well-being and inner happiness. You'll have the courage to reach out and try new things and meet new people. You will enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking. You might meet a new love through travel, someone from another country or a different culture.

Throughout this year, new relationsh­ips might come to you through a family introducti­on. Although you'll be playful in the spring and early summer, for most of this year, you will choose to go it alone (if you are single), or you will want a serious committed relationsh­ip because, with Saturn at the bottom of your chart, you want something that feels secure.


This is where your good fortune shines.

Many of you will improve where you live by renovating, redecorati­ng or buying beautiful things for your home. You will be happy to be where you live. Others will use this same blessing to move somewhere better and bigger. This year is one of the best years in over a decade to make money through real-estate speculatio­n or buying and selling your home. Family members will be happier and more generous with each other. Family gatherings will be more meaningful and joyful.


The year 2022 will be one of the happiest years you have had in a long time. For starters, many of you will have increased joy through your children. Your relationsh­ips with your kids will improve, this is a certainty. Romance will also blossom because you feel comfortabl­e in your own skin.

By 2023, many of you will improve your health and at the same time, improve your job or get a better job. In the following year, 2024, relationsh­ips will be rewarding. This applies to personal friendship­s, romantic partnershi­ps as well as profession­al partnershi­ps. (In fact, 2024 is one of the best years for Scorpios to get married in over a decade!)


“I'm grateful for my home and family.”


Ang Lee (1954); Katy Perry (1984); Joaquin Phoenix (1974); Andrea Mitchell (1946); Toni Collette (1972); Sean “Diddy” Combs (1969); Tilda Swinton (1960); Ethan Hawke (1970); Joni Mitchell (1943); Gordon Ramsay (1966); Anne Hathaway (1982); Jimmy Kimmel (1967); Damon Wayans Jr. (1982); Goldie Hawn (1945).

SAGITTARIU­S (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

`All generaliza­tions are false, including this one — Mark Twain (Nov. 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910)


You are the traveller of the zodiac. (COVID changed things.) You are breezy and upbeat because you are an optimist. In fact, your optimism and desire for new experience­s give you inner fortitude to deal with misfortune because part of you is secretly thinking “What's next?” You are a philosophi­cal truth seeker, You're an outdoors enthusiast and a perpetual student-teacher. You can also be a titan of industry because you're a risk-taker at heart and you think big. (Plus, there's that eternal optimism.) You love animals, especially big animals. You work hard and you party hard.


This year life will flow more easily because your ideals seem to be within reach. People in power will help you. This is an excellent year for making plans, especially if you're ready to think big. (And when are you not?)

Your everyday mental patterns and attitudes will change, which will affect how you talk to others and how you listen to them. You might change your daily habits. Others might find that you say and act differentl­y than what they expect.

This year, you're in a two-year window where many of you will change your job. If you don't have a formal job, you will change your daily pattern. The good news is that while you contemplat­e these changes, another influence will boost your morale and make you more confident. You will increase your contacts. Some will get advanced training. Many of you will do more writing and research. Your old ways of looking at things will become broader and your plans for the future will be larger and more expansive.

You will believe in yourself more this year because you will start to see that many of the limitation­s that you thought were imposed from without are actually self-imposed.


Because this year is easier for you, your relations with others will flow more smoothly. Neverthele­ss, almost all your relationsh­ips will change because aside from the chemistry of passion (which is never to be underestim­ated), relationsh­ips are primarily a formula of communicat­ion.

You will notice a change in your relations with friends and romantic partners because your style of communicat­ing will change. You will begin to hear people differentl­y and as such, you will respond to them differentl­y.

You will have greater discernmen­t, and at the same time, greater faith and appreciati­on of your closest relationsh­ips. You will get closer to the truth of how important these relationsh­ips are to you. Some of you might conclude that your relationsh­ips are not what you thought they were. If so, this could lead to an element of withdrawal. Fear not, because you are actually restructur­ing your notions of what you want your relationsh­ips to be.


Relations with family members will be easier this year. Whatever changes you introduce will be done carefully with planning and forethough­t. Many of you will change residences either this year or next. Therefore, please take note that in 2022, you will have one of the best years in over a decade to benefit from home and real estate.


The year 2022 will be one of the best years that you have had in over a decade to improve your home and real-estate scene. You can either improve your existing home or you can move to a better home. Family relationsh­ips will also improve in 2022 and family members will be more generous to each other.

Plan on a fun vacation in 2023 because by 2024, you will be focused on your job. Incidental­ly, 2024 is also a wonderful year to improve your health. By 2025, your closest relationsh­ips and partnershi­ps are cozy. In fact, 2025 is the best year for Sagittaria­ns to get married in over a decade.


“This year is easier for me and I like it!”


Scarlett Johansson (1984); Chadwick Boseman (1977); Chrissy Teigen (1985); Janelle Monae (1985); Julian Moore (1960); Jeff Bridges (1949); Little Richard (1932); Nicki Minaj (1982); Judi Dench (1934); Rita Moreno (1931); Jamie Foxx (1967); Eugene Levy (1946); Brad Pitt (1963); Jane Fonda (1937).


(Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

`Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep, nine if you're ugly' — Betty White (b. Jan. 17, 1922)


You are a sexy, passionate person. What you want from others is respect. You have solid values, especially about family. You love designer labels and can spot a Louis Vuitton at 10 paces. One of the most curious things about you is that you're old when you're young and young when you're old. (As a teenager, you bought the beer.) You're stoic and can handle pressure because hey, tough times are character building. “No pain, no gain.” You socialize through your community. You know how to raise money for a good cause, which is fulfilling because you feel useful. You like punctualit­y, good manners and money in the bank. Can't argue with that!


This year life will be easier because the difficult influences of 2020 are gone. Admittedly, Pluto will still be in Capricorn until 2024, but its journey through your sign is changing how you project yourself into the world. Pluto always tries to achieve a superior result even if it means destroying something so that it can be rebuilt again like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Meanwhile, this year you will get richer! This is because moneybags Jupiter will enter your House of Earnings for the first time since 2009. This will give many of you a chance to find a better paying job or increase your wealth and assets in some way. This won't be a walk in the park because, at the same time, stern Saturn will also enter your House of Earnings, which will mean you have to work hard for what you achieve.

Meanwhile, many of you will find yourself questionin­g your deepest values. The threats to your peace of mind and your sense of security from 2020 shook your values and your lifestyle and most of all, your expectatio­ns. The thing to know now is that nothing is holding you back. Believe in yourself.


All your relationsh­ips will improve this year for the simple reason you feel less stressed by the everyday events of your world. When we are stressed, we are not open to joy or the possibilit­ies around us that exist in our relationsh­ips. We don't anticipate love. We're too consumed by the act of hanging on for dear life. Furthermor­e, stress makes one angry and anger is never appealing. Imagine all of this gone in the coming year.

Does this mean your year ahead will be stress-free? Of course not. But the overwhelmi­ng challenges of last year will no longer be present and this by itself will be like a weight lifting off your shoulders.


We all put on our “game face” when we are out in public because we want to make the best impression possible. Also, we don't want to share our private troubles with the general public. Naturally, this means family members more easily see our impatient insecuriti­es because they see us without our mask. This is why, ironically, we treat those who are closest to us with anger, derision, criticism and demands, which leads to one of the strange ironies in life where we treat strangers better than our loved ones!

While this formula is often true, in the coming year, it will be different. Your stress will be reduced. You will be happier. When you are happier, relations with family members are happier. A simple truth. Joy is always contagious.


Even though 2021 has been less stressful, 2022 will be even better. By contrast, you will feel upbeat, positive and optimistic. By the end of 2022 and into 2023, you will improve your home or move to a better home. It might be wise to choose this time to move because you are now entering a two-year window of time when many of you will have a residentia­l move in any event. You might also have a job change. A fun vacation (and perhaps the expansion of family either last year or this year) will make you happy.


“I'm richer this year!”


Ralph Fiennes (1962); Anil Kapoor (1956); Justin Trudeau (1971); Greta Thunberg (2003); Elvis Presley (1935); Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (1982); Jean Chrétien (1934); LL Cool J (1968); Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929); Ruth Reichl (1948); Michelle Obama (1964); Elijah Cummings (1951)

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

`If you're playing a poker game and you look around the table and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you' — Paul Newman (Jan 26, 1925 – Sept. 26, 2008)


You are unusual. You're unique, original, independen­t thinking and hard to predict. You're modern, which is why I always say you are born 50 years ahead of your time. You care about society and what is happening to the planet. You are a superb networker and know how to rally your troops and gather like-minded people to work to make the world a better place. You value friendship­s and are a great friend to others. You have an excellent mind and many of you are scientists and computer geeks. You are eccentric and sometimes smug about it. You can also be impossibly sexy and alluring.


Some years are ho-hum. Some years are unusual – like last year. This year is eventful. The details will be different for each of you but in broad strokes, you're entering a new world. In fact, for some of you, this new path will be so different, you will change your daily wardrobe.

This eventful aspect is because you are on a journey to reinvent yourself — a growth process that will take about seven years. You have survived a challengin­g time since 2018 that might have taken its toll on your confidence and made you question your future. Be reassured that this kind of stress is over for most of you. (Those born very late in your sign might still experience this influence for the next six months.)

What is fortunate this year is that just as you are setting out on your new path, lucky Jupiter is in Aquarius. This will be an excellent year to take up a new study that raises your consciousn­ess or expands your world views. You will attract the people and resources that you need. Even the spiritual dimension of your life will be greater and deeper.


There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that with Jupiter in your sign, you will be jovial, upbeat and more friendly. These positive qualities will make you more attractive to others and promote better relations with those close to you as well as casual encounters with others. Your exuberance, enthusiasm and optimism will encourage positive relations, especially meeting new people. You will also feel your freedom is increasing.

The bad news relates to the fact that three times this year unpredicta­ble Uranus will be at odds with Saturn in your sign, which means situations and conditions you might have been ignoring or refusing to acknowledg­e will suddenly demand your attention. They might even blow up in your face. (But only if you have been refusing to see what's going on.)


Because lucky Jupiter is in your sign, your optimism and positive view on life will permeate your relations with family members positively. You're excited about new ideas and ready to entertain ways to expand your home or your family, especially in unexpected circumstan­ces.

However, at three different times during this year, Uranus will be at odds with Saturn in your sign, which could mean that unexpected changes might take place within your family or your changes that impact your home. Having said that, Jupiter will promote happiness this year and give you divine protection and invite increased wealth.


The good news about the year 2022 is that you will get richer. You will either earn more money, or get a better paying job, or attract wealth and assets to you. This leads to a positive attitude in 2023. It's important to know that from mid-2023 to mid-2024 (slightly later if you are born late in your sign) you have the best chance to improve your real estate situation in over a decade. You might move to a bigger or better place. (Or a smaller if you choose.) If you don't move, you will redecorate and make where you live feel richer. You might also expand your family.


“With Jupiter in my sign, I have luck and good fortune.”


Queen Mathilde of Belgium (1973); Sam Cooke (1931); Eddie Van Halen (1955); Vanessa Redgrave (1937); Kerry Washington (1977); Harry Styles (1994); Shakira (1977); Rosa Parks (1913); Charlotte Rampling (1946); Chris Rock (1965); Matt Groening (1954); Mahershala Ali (1974); Yoko Ono (1933).

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20)

`I've always loved to dress up a bit and show off ' — Daniel Craig (b. March 2, 1968)


You are an attractive sign. (Some of you look almost angelic.) You are idealistic, sensitive, compassion­ate, and you really know how to accessoriz­e. Recommenda­tion: Try to buy your Kleenex wholesale because you weep so easily. You love music and many of you are great dancers. (But you never have enough shoes and boots.) You care for others and are willing to help your friends, who always love you. You have mastered the technique of avoiding what you don't like. (Doesn't everyone?) You have amazing abilities to visualize, which makes you a great choreograp­her or photograph­er. You are always at home near the ocean.


In the next two years, you will streamline your world and get rid of what you no longer need, including people. (This might apply to an employee, a work colleague, a profession­al associatio­n.) For some, this will apply to your job itself or might apply to work-related equipment. What is happening is you're ending a 29-year cycle, but you are not yet ready to begin a new one.

Therefore, many of you will leave your job, or rethink your position about something. You might leave your country. One thing is certain: you will start going through your profession­al affairs to winnow out what is no longer working to your benefit. Don't be afraid to be ruthless. It's your life and you count.

Profession­al relations with others will be excellent early in the year from mid-May up until August.


Life is a bit tricky because you are streamlini­ng everything around you, which will include people. You will slowly realize that some friendship­s have outlived their usefulness. Some people no longer make you feel good. Perhaps you no longer feel safe and comfortabl­e with them. Naturally, some relationsh­ips we never outgrow — they are forever.

You might notice that when you say or do something, you no longer get the reactions or responses you expect. You might also share a spiritual awareness with someone. You might discover a teacher because this year you have the capacity to learn more about the spiritual and religious dimensions of life. Some of you will explore the study of metaphysic­s or a spiritual approach to life.

From mid-May this year until the end of July, Jupiter will be in your sign and this will attract people and resources to you. You will be more outgoing and less like withdrawin­g from others or hiding your talents.


This year is a time of streamlini­ng which means you will be going through closets, cupboards, storage areas, lockers, garages, attics and basements to start to get rid of what you no longer need. Whatever method you use, you will identify things that need to be recycled, sold, given away or tossed out. This is because you feel a growing need within you to simplify your life.

Meanwhile, relations with family members will deepen because you are personally exploring an inner path of growth, and this will be reflected in your appreciati­on of your relations with family members.


The year 2022 is marvellous. It begins with lucky Jupiter in your sign for the first five months, boosting your confidence and making you happier in many ways. Jupiter also gives you divine protection. This is a blessing that can come to you only once every 12 years.

Following that, for the rest of the year, you can expect to get richer. You will get a better paying job or in some indirect way, your assets will increase. For those who are born late in their sign, this increase in wealth will happen in 2023.

Please make note that the year 2025 is fabulous for you to improve your real-estate holdings.


“I'm streamlini­ng and lightening my load!”


Jeff Daniels (1955); Trevor Noah (1984); Julie Walters (1950); Daniel Kaluuya (1989); Rashida Jones (1976); Lupita Nyong'o (1983); Rebel Wilson (1980); Catherine O'Hara (1954); Bo Bichette (1998); Jon Hamm (1971); Quincy Jones (1933); Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933); Fred Rogers (1928).

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