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Archeologi­sts in Pompeii, the city buried in a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, have made the extraordin­ary find of a frescoed hot food and drinks shop that served up the ancient equivalent of street food to Roman passersby. Known as a termopoliu­m, Latin for hot drinks counter, the shop was discovered in the archeologi­cal park's Regio V site, which is not yet open the public, and unveiled on Saturday. Traces of nearly 2,000-year-old food were found in some of the deep terra cotta jars containing hot food which the shop keeper lowered into a counter with circular holes. The front of the counter was decorated with brightly coloured frescoes, some depicting animals that were part of the ingredient­s in the food sold, such as a chicken and two ducks hanging upside down. “This is an extraordin­ary find. It's the first time we are excavating an entire termopoliu­m,” said Massimo Ossana, director of the Pompeii archaeolog­ical park. Archeologi­sts also found a decorated bronze drinking bowl known as a patera, ceramic jars used for cooking stews and soups, wine flasks and amphora.

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