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If a sharp is found in the com­mu­nity, fol­low these in­struc­tions to pick it up safely:

• Do not walk while hold­ing the sharp ob­ject

• Bring a punc­ture-proof, hard­sided, leak-proof con­tainer with a lid, such as a pickle jar or bleach con­tainer, to the area where the sharp was found

• Do not re­cap, bend, break the nee­dle or ma­nip­u­late it by hand in any way

• Place the ob­ject in the con­tainer. Use tongs if avail­able. If tongs are not avail­able, pick up the nee­dle/ sharp from the blunt end and se­cure the lid

• Wash hands thor­oughly with soap and wa­ter

• La­bel the con­tainer as ‘haz­ardous waste’ and bring to the health unit for proper dis­posal

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