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When it comes to nu­tri­tion there is no ‘one size fits all’ list of healthy foods. While there are bet­ter and worse choices, a healthy diet and life­style looks very dif­fer­ent for each and ev­ery one of us. That is be­cause we each have a unique bio-chem­i­cal makeup much like a fin­ger­print. With all the dif­fer­ent health ad­vice and dif­fer­ent di­ets out there, how are you to know what will work for your own body? That’s where a nu­tri­tion­ist can help, with Holis­tic Nu­tri­tion. So what ex­actly nu­tri­tion­ists do and what does

‘Holis­tic’ re­ally mean? A holis­tic nu­tri­tion­ist thinks of the body as a whole, not bro­ken down into parts. Our bod­ies are a sys­tem that works in sync. If one part breaks down we don’t treat it alone, ev­ery part of us af­fects the whole. Op­ti­mal health doesn’t only de­pend on what we eat and which sup­ple­ments we take. A healthy life­style de­pends on good nu­tri­tion, good re­la­tion­ships, the right amount of ex­er­cise (not too much), and a healthy and happy con­nec­tion be­tween mind, body & soul. It is through all these things that we reach op­ti­mal health, but the road to ‘op­ti­mal health’ is dif­fer­ent for all of us. West­ern medicine is quick to cut us into parts and treat us all as iden­ti­cal. Holis­tic nu­tri­tion­ists are stead­fast in keep­ing us whole and treat­ing us with in­di­vid­u­al­ized care.

Here are 3 weight loss tips you prob­a­bly haven’t heard be­fore, they are just a glimpse into the per­son­al­ized sys­tem holis­tic nu­tri­tion­ists can cre­ate for clients: • Start ev­ery meal with 2 bites of pro­tein. Why? Pro­tein re­leases the hor­mone glucagon. This hor­mone is the an­tag­o­nist to in­sulin. And as most of us know, in­sulin is the hor­mone that wreaks havoc on your weight and causes our bod­ies to store fat. • Wait 5-7 hours be­tween meals. That means ab­so­lutely no snack­ing. This al­lows in­sulin lev­els to re­duce dra­mat­i­cally, thereby al­low­ing your body to get into a fat burn­ing mode. This is com­monly re­ferred to as ‘In­ter­mit­tent Fast­ing’. • Eat only one pro­tein at a time. Avoid com­bin­ing pro­teins such as eggs and turkey, or chicken and beef in the same meal. The rea­son for this is that all foods have dif­fer­ent bi­o­log­i­cal val­ues. When you mix 2 dif­fer­ent pro­teins you body can only ab­sorb the amino acids from one food at a time (the food with the lower level of amino acids). Any ‘spillover’ be­comes acid waste and an acidic body has a harder time los­ing weight and is sus­cep­ti­ble to many other ail­ments and dis­eases.

Ruthy Ta­nen­baum BIO Ruthy Ta­nen­baum is a li­censed Holis­tic Nu­tri­tion­ist and a Meta­bolic Bal­ance® health coach, that helps guide clients through a unique, in­di­vid­u­al­ized road map with the Meta­bolic Bal­ance® ap­proach and through her ex­pe­ri­ence and ex­per­tise. Thor­ough as­sess­ment, per­sonal med­i­cal his­tory, data col­lec­tion, and her sup­port and mo­ti­va­tion will help any­one achieve their own ver­sion of health.

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