The new cannabis club for moms

Four lo­cal res­i­dents un­box their first le­gal mar­i­juana

North York Post - - News - by Re­becca Eck­ler

So just how ac­cept­ing were moth­ers when it came to or­der­ing cannabis on­line for the first time af­ter mar­i­juana be­came le­gal just over a month ago? And did le­gal­iza­tion cre­ate new cannabis users who hap­pen to be moth­ers? The an­swer is a re­sound­ing Yes!

Most sur­pris­ing was that not one of the moth­ers in­ter­viewed for this ar­ti­cle, let’s call them the First Timers’ Club, were at all wor­ried about what their chil­dren, rel­a­tives, friends or even their spouses may think about them buy­ing and en­joy­ing, oc­ca­sion­ally, the high life. Not once did the sub­jects bring up their chil­dren.

How­ever, there was one com­mon­al­ity: the in­ter­est in keep­ing knowl­edge of cannabis use away from their em­ploy­ers. Hence only first names are used.

For ex­am­ple, Ali­son is a mom of two school-aged chil­dren and also hap­pens to be a teacher. She or­dered from the web­site three days af­ter cannabis was le­gal­ized.

“Please don’t use my last name,” she asked. “I’m a teacher so…”

Al­though the stigma sur­round­ing peo­ple who use cannabis recre­ation­ally may be less­en­ing, many moth­ers are rightly con­cerned about their em­ploy­ment sit­u­a­tion and the judge­ment or even the pos­si­bil­ity, how­ever slight, of los­ing their jobs. But that didn’t stop them from or­der­ing.

“I have never ever done pot be­fore. When it ar­rived three days later it was beau­ti­fully wrapped, but it was in full pot form. I had no idea what to do with it,” Ali­son said. “I’m not a skilled smoker! So I walked over to my good friend’s house, and she taught me how to roll. I had or­dered ‘ har­mony and bal­ance.’ I can truly say that I felt both bal­anced and har­mo­nized. I loved it.”

Those in the First Timers’ Club also had an­other im­por­tant de­ci­sion to make: who would they par­take with for the very first time? Tara is a mother of two chil­dren, ages 15 and 17, and her first time smok­ing was on Oct. 19, two days af­ter le­gal­iza­tion. With whom did she en­joy her pur­chase? Her 80year-old aunt.

“I wouldn’t put my last name in please, but it was so funny,” she said. “We were sit­ting around at Christ­mas a few years ago and some­how the topic of who had ever smoked pot came up. It turned out that it was only my­self and my aunt who hadn’t ever tried it. So we made a pact for her 80th birth­day that we would try it to­gether.”

Her aunt turned 80 in Septem­ber, but Tara couldn’t make it to her aunt’s party.

“So we did it Oct. 19, at my cousin’s wed­ding. I liked it. And so did she. She sud­denly wanted a piece of cake re­ally badly. I couldn’t stop laugh­ing. We laughed a lot that night and it was a bond­ing mo­ment!”

How did she know what to or­der, since most of the moth­ers I spoke with are far from skilled smok­ers?

“I asked my friends what type to or­der and they said the in­dica strain,” she said. “I couldn’t be­lieve they had pre-rolled when I went to the site on the day it went live! So I or­dered on­line and it came in two days. I’m not sure what ev­ery­one was com­plain­ing about with long waits.”

Many early adopter moms stayed up un­til mid­night on Oct. 17 to be the first to or­der.

“I or­dered 15 pre-rolled joints from the OCS [On­tario Cannabis Store] on Oct. 17 just af­ter mid­night,” Sarah, a mother of three, said. “I wanted to be part of his­tory, but I ac­tu­ally don’t even smoke, so not sure what I will do with them. I still haven’t opened the box it was de­liv­ered in.”

He­lena, mother of a 14- and 12year-old, said she wanted to spice up her date night with her hus­band of 16 years.

“I or­dered on the day the web­site was up. I wanted to do it with my hus­band on his birth­day, which was about a week af­ter I or­dered,” she said. “I thought he would want to try it with me for his first time be­cause now it is le­gal and I had never done it. My hus­band was not into try­ing it at all. He thought I was jok­ing when I said I bought some, un­til he saw the credit card bill.”

A num­ber of peo­ple who or­dered for the first time wanted to try cannabis as a sleep aid or to help with anx­i­ety.

“I have been hav­ing trou­ble sleep­ing, and I heard about how cannabis can help you be less anx­ious to get a bet­ter sleep,” said Michelle, a mother of two kids un­der five. She or­dered a bot­tle of cannabis cap­sules and said, “They are way bet­ter than phar­macy pills.”

Some moth­ers are now also say­ing they are turn­ing to cannabis in­stead of al­co­hol at the end of a long day, or, as we say in the par­ent world, many moms are swap­ping their “mommy juice,” for cannabis.

“I’m tired of chug­ging wine and hav­ing a hang­over plus all the calo­ries in wine,” an­other mother said. “At 45, I just wanted to also see what all the fuss was about. I re­ally en­joyed it. I smoked with my hus­band, and it was a very in­ti­mate and bond­ing even­ing. We needed it! I’ve al­ready placed an­other or­der.”

Many who have tried cannabis in the past, even if it was 20 years ago, still wanted to be part of his­tory.

“I have my clan­des­tine ways of get­ting weed. But I waited up, just so I could see what the gov­ern­ment was of­fer­ing on their web­site,” said Liz, a sin­gle mother of a 10-yearold. “My first or­der was in by 12:15 a.m.,” she said and laughed. She en­joys her height­ened ex­pe­ri­ence with her hus­band, as well as with some of her other mother friends.

“I bought ran­domly. I bought two dif­fer­ent strains. My hus­band bought oils. So it was my first time us­ing the mar­i­juana oil. I had the best night’s sleep! But now I’m wor­ried that the gov­ern­ment has my pri­vate in­for­ma­tion and also my credit card num­ber. So I may go back to the old-school route.”

Two va­ri­eties of cannabis prod­ucts or­dered through the On­tario Cannabis Store

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