North York Post : 2018-12-01

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Currents SECTION SIGN OF THE TIMES Michael Wekerle takes a seat on the iconic El Mo sign in Chinatown Wekerle rescues the El Mocambo With live music venues closing and the venerable Massey Hall shuttered for a renovation, T.O. needed some good news. That came last month when local financial heavyweight Michael Wekerle flicked the switch on the neon palm tree El Mocambo sign. The renowned club has a long and storied history dating back to 1948. The El Mo has played host to bands from the Rolling Stones and Blondie to U2 and Jimi Hendrix. But the venue had been closed for years and was almost lost. Wekerle stepped in and saved the El Mo purchasing the dilapidated property for $3.8 million and has reportedly sunk another $20 million more into a massive renovation. The sign is just the beginning. The El Mo is scheduled to return to full rock mode this spring. 29

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