North York Post : 2018-12-01

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FOOD TASTE TEST BARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING This holiday season, chef Mark McEwan samples some of the city’s sweetest gifts. From kidfriendly, marshmallow-filled treats to subtle dark chocolate with candied fruit, here are our best barks bets for impressing guests or indulging by yourself on a cold winter’s night. pepp erm int kic k WINNER RUNNER-UP FULLY LOADED MINTY TREAT CHOCOLATERIA SHORT AND SWEET McEwan loves this “kitchen sink” bark with milk, dark and white chocolate. “There’s nice texture all the way through it,” he says. “It has the right amount of added ingredients.” For McEwan, the two-tone candy cane bark is a close second. “The candy cane aspect of it is really good,” he says. “The chocolate is on the bitter side, so it balances out nicely.” 361 Roncesvalles Ave., $5.97 1945 Avenue Rd., $15 chocolate k dar rich DARK AND HANDSOME MILK CHOCOLATE MEDLEY STUBBE Although McEwan loves the high-quality dark chocolate of this almond bark, he thought it would have been better if they left the skins on the almonds and “punched up the almond flavour.” PHIPPS “The milk chocolate quality is excellent,” says McEwan of this bark studded with cashews and dried fruit. He likes the dark chocolate drizzle but wishes the bark were a bit simpler. 420 Eglinton Ave. W., $9.99 653 Dupont St., $14.75 rite favou s’ kid CAP’N CRUNCH COCOA-LADEN BITES NUTTY AND NICE ZACK’S CHOCOLATES CHOCOLAT CHARM AVOCA CHOCOLATES “Crispy and crunchy, with fun cheeky little marshmallows in it,” says McEwan. “Anyone in the room will love it, but it will be the kids’ favourite, no doubt.” This simple almond bark catches McEwan’s attention for its rich, nutty flavour. “They left the skin on the almond, which is very smart,” he says. “Of all the almond bars, this is the best one. The quality of the dark chocolate is up to McEwan’s standards, but he thinks the almonds would have been better if they were toasted first to increase their nutty flavour. 7117 Bathurst St., $6.50/100 g 850 Millwood Rd., $7.95 3541 Bathurst St., $21.95/ 200 g 39

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