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NAME A WOMAN WHO TRULY INSPIRES YOU PUBLISHER Lorne London EDITORIAL DIRECTOR ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER-IT Ron Johnson Andrew Mannsbach Jarrod Daley Joni Mitchell — she is one of the greatest lyricist and singers of our time. EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR WEB EDITOR NEWS EDITOR FOOD EDITOR Nikki Gill Samantha Peksa Jessica Wei Karen Stevens Vivek Shraya, for challenging the way we look at gender identity. ART ART DIRECTOR MANAGING ART DIRECTOR DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR Dorothy Chudzinski Lindsay Low Lance Garvey Erin Neilly Kristine Hughes working on a new zeroemissions building framework for the city. Oh, and, full disclosure, I happen to be married to her. And how about in the area of Indigenous rights? We highlight the work of Tanya Talaga, who was this year’s Massey lecturer, but Toronto happens to be home to so many fierce and inspiring advocates such as Ryerson’s Pam Palmater and artist Tanya Tagaq. Law? Look no further than Annamaria Enenajor, a defence attorney who was named partner in Clayton Ruby’s firm. Beyond her already sparkling legal career, she is also tacking the cannabis amnesty issue. In a world that at times seems dead set on crashing down around us, it’s important to remember that the people who make this city, this country, this planet work are not the people at the top of the proverbial food chain. They are all around us. They are all of us. Be inspired and look to inspire others. Happy holidays from our entire Post City family to yours. There are people who inspire me every day. Although our issue highlighting the city’s most inspiring women is a rewarding experience, it can also be frustrating because of the sheer number of people left out. We like to highlight women from neighbourhoods that receive our magazines in addition to those from the GTA that have achieved notable accomplishments in 2018. But there is never enough room. If we could, we’d include Margaret Atwood each and every year. She’s such an icon. And when we got word last month that she took to Twitter to help out someone tackling school assignment? Oh our hearts. Find an important issue, and you’ll find inspiring people changing the world. And these people do not have to be rich and influential movers and shakers to inspire others and do good. Naomi Klein is an easy one. She is such a tireless and fierce journalist and author highlighting, amongst other things, the most important issue we face — climate change. She will be included at some point, not if, just when. And it’s not just the big names on our wishlist. Why not Lisa King, a senior planner at the city of Toronto who is tackling climate change in her own way, by making sure that any new building is subject to rigorous, world-class green building standards that are currently being adopted by municipalities across the country. She’s also Siouxsie Sioux, a one-of-a-kind paving the way, ice queen. SALES DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISING VP OF SALES ACCOUNT MANAGERS Lynne London Lisa London-Shiffman Chris Orrego Clara Strebel Rachel Roth Jo-Anne Craine Carly Roebuck Rayna Greenspan ACCOUNT CO-ORDINATORS ADMINISTRATION CONTROLLER GENERAL MANAGER OFFICE MANAGER/ CLASSIFIEDS PROOFREADERS PHOTOGRAPHER Tina Trevellin Laurie McGillivray Kathleen Macdonald Sarah Ives, Judith Muster Cheol Joon Baek A Handmaid’s Tale ELGIN MILLS Richmond Hill Post HIGHWAY 7 Thornhill Post STEELES Bayview Post North York Post DO N RI VE R LAWRENCE Village Post EGLINTON North Toronto Post Correcton: In our last issue, we wrote Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns was closed. It remains open. The space and equipment at the 825 College St. location is for sale, not the brand or current business. Rosen is looking to expand at a new location. DAVENPORT BLOOR LAWRENCE AVE Annex Post Midtown Post EGLINTON BLOOR ST COLLEGE ST 30 LESMILL RD., TORONTO, ON M3B 2T6 416.250.7979 POSTCITY.COM TEL WEB FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] RON JOHNSON The Fine Print: The contents of Post City Magazines Inc. are copyright 2018, all rights reserved, and may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the written permission of the Publisher. The contents of all ads are subject to the discretion of the Publisher. 6

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