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While he spends around six hours per day at his projects and is well-known around the com­mu­nity with con­tin­ual re­quests, Pil­grim says he doesn’t sell most of what he makes.

“Some­times some­one comes in and wants to buy some­thing but most of the stuff I make I give away,” he said.

“It’s just a hobby for me, and it’s ther­a­peu­tic in a sense – it gives me some­thing to fill the day.”

There are many dis­tinc­tive and idio­syn­cratic ar­ti­facts in the Pil­grim shed.

For his crib boards, Pil­grim has de­signed some the size of table stools and some with cur­sive spi­ral de­signs.

A pad­dle­ball Pil­grim made for his wife also has wooden birds that bob their heads up and down as the ball at­tached to the pad­dle is swung around.

Pil­grim says many of th­ese de­signs he thinks of him­self, or finds them on­line and de­cides to test his skill and fig­ure out how to make them him­self.

“I just took at it and think to my­self ‘there’s a way to rig that up,’” he said.

What­ever the project or de­sign, Pil­grim is con­tent to keep grow­ing and de­vel­op­ing his tal­ents with wood­carv­ing for many years to come.

Th­ese carv­ings of the is­land of New­found­land are another pop­u­lar item in Bruce Pil­grim’s col­lec­tion.

This work de­picts the metic­u­lous and pre­cise skill Bruce Pil­grim puts into his carv­ing.


One of the most unique items in Bruce Pil­grim wood­craft col­lec­tion is this pad­dle­ball item with carved birds who bob their heads as the at­tached ball swerves around.

An ea­gle that Bruce Pil­grim crafted and painted for his brother.

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