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The Canada lynx is typ­i­cally found in old growth bo­real forests with dense un­der­cover.

About 75 per cent of the lynx’s diet is snow­shoe hare.

One lynx can con­sume up to 200 hare in one year. When snow­shoe hare num­bers are low, it will sup­ple­ment its diet with var­i­ous ro­dents and birds, such as voles, squir­rels, grouse and spar­rows. Moose and cari­bou, typ­i­cally calves, may ac­count for some of its diet, but they rarely at­tack large prey.

Hu­mans are the main preda­tor of the lynx; oth­ers in­clude wolves and coy­otes.

Av­er­age life­span varies be­tween 10 to 20 years.

On av­er­age, a lynx will weigh 17 pounds and typ­i­cally range be­tween 11 and 35 pounds. It is about two feet tall at the shoul­der but length of the an­i­mal can vary from two to three feet.

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