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Local Mayors Look Back At 2018 : 7 : 7

Local Mayors Look Back At 2018

7 NORTHERNPEN.CA WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2019 OUR JOURNALISTS’ PICKS THE STORIES THAT IMPACTED THEM MOST IN 2018 FAVOURITE STORY OF 2018 Q Q Still waiting on methylmercury recommendations Q Q POLITICS Q Nunatukavut calling on province to respond to IEAC recommendations Russell said the construction timeline was why the IEAC timeline was so short, to give the province a chance to implement the recommendations if needed. The Nunatsiavut Government has also called upon the province to implement the recommendations, saying they have heard no word since the report was released. Russell told The Labradorian he also had no inkling as to whether the recommendations will be accepted or when. He said he has spoken to the Premier about it on at least three occasions, the relevant ministers and officials with the department to no avail. “For their response to have any integrity it needs to be timely,” Russell said. “It’s vital we have the response in order for us to be able to move forward with some confidence as the project completes.” Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe told The Labradorian in previous interviews they believe the government is delaying the decision until the impoundment of the reservoir is imminent and some of the recommendations cannot be implemented. When asked if he felt the same way, Russell said it didn’t matter if it was deliberate or not. “Whether it’s deliberate or not they’re responsible,” he said. “Their action, or inaction in this case, makes them accountable. The fact is it’s been seven months and that is plenty of time to respond to these recommendations.” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 “The timing of the IEAC work was important because of the various stages of project construction, most notably the filling of the reservoir, which has the potential to have impacts on methylmercury production,” Russell said. “While it was timely for the IEAC, it was also timely for the province. We can get to places in the construction schedule where it could have a negative impact on the recommendations being implemented.”

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