Sound­mat­ters foxL DUET Com­pact Satel­lite and Sub­woofer


Sound­mat­ters has made its name by stretch­ing the laws of physics with its diminu­tively sized, high-per­for­mance speak­ers. The new foxL DUET is a high-pow­ered com­pact desk­top and travel-friendly stereo speaker and sub­woofer sys­tem, that plays all the way down to 38 Hz. If you’re headed on a busi­ness trip, just de­tach the sub­woofer, pop the foxL por­ta­ble speaker into your pocket or brief­case, and en­joy great sound any­where. Or if you’re go­ing on va­ca­tion for the week, bring both the travel-sized foxLO sub­woofer and foxL speaker along. DUET’s ex­i­bil­ity pro­vides the ul­ti­mate au­dio ex­pe­ri­ence any­where. This sys­tem is a great so­lu­tion for get­ting good sound out of tablets, smart­phones and lap­tops. MSRP: $349 US. www.sound­mat­

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