Aë­dle VK-1 Valkyrie Head­phones

NOVO - - PRODUCT REVIEW - Mal­colm J. Gomes

It is easy to as­sign per­son­al­i­ties to head­phones. Some are sleek, slim and stun­ningly stat­uesque like a su­per­model, but usu­ally with not much sub­stance be­tween the ears. You get the brawny, mus­cu­lar mod­els that will take a lot of pun­ish­ment with­out flinch­ing but lack the el­e­gance to be easy on the eyes. You get the loud mouths, which deliver the mu­sic not just to your ears but also to all those around you as well, whether they like it or not. You get the tiny in-ear head­phones that are like wall­flow­ers in the way they vis­ually blend into the back­ground so dis­creetly that oth­ers can­not even tell that you are wear­ing them. You also get the gaudy type with colours and hues that are louder than the sound they pro­duce. You get head­phones that are nerdy, in that, they can per­form at very high lev­els but have the so­cially awk­ward per­son­al­ity of a wet rag. In terms of ma­te­ri­als used, with a few ex­cep­tions, the world of head­phones is dom­i­nated by cheap, pla­s­ticky mod­els that are as flimsy as they look.

Then along comes Aë­dle, ush­er­ing in some­thing quite unique in the world of head­phones with a model that an­swers to the name of VK-1 Valkyrie. It would not be far fetched to say that it is a work of au­dio art with a dual per­son­al­ity, in a good way that is. I have never en­coun­tered any pair of head­phones that com­bines beauty and brawn like the VK-1 does. It is like en­coun­ter­ing a per­son with the el­e­gance and beauty of Cindy Craw­ford but with the brute strength, power and tough­ness of Hulk Ho­gan.

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The VK-1 ar­rived at my doorstep for the re­view, draped in a way that I would ex­pect fine jew­elry to be pack­aged. The matte black box opens to re­veal the head­phones nes­tled in a form fit­ting en­clo­sure with a stain­less steel card en­graved with the brand name and logo on the front, as well as the model name and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­ber on the rear. Be­hind the card is an­other black box with an air­line adap­tor, a gold plated 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo adapter and a de­tach­able aramid fiber coated ca­ble for the head­phones. Em­bed­ded in the main box lid is an im­pec­ca­bly tai­lored black padded travel pouch with a mag­netic clos­ing mech­a­nism that al­lows you to carry around the head­phones in style. While un­box­ing these head­phones I dis­tinctly felt its French her­itage and it vin­di­cated the rea­sons why France is con­sid­ered one of the fash­ion cap­i­tals of the

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