LG OLED TV C7 65-inch Model, $3,199 US


If you’re look­ing for the very best in TV tech­nol­ogy then look no fur­ther then LG’s OLED TVs. This TV de­liv­ers a supremely ac­cu­rate pic­ture with life­like col­ors and inky, near perfect blacks. An in­fi­nite con­trast ra­tio is achieved by this TV thanks to not re­ly­ing on a back­light, in­stead each pixel on the screen can in­de­pen­dently brighten, dim or com­pletely turn off. Its rich pal­ette of more than a bil­lion col­ors al­lows it to achieve true color ac­cu­racy with smoother, sub­tler and more pre­cise gra­da­tions of shades. This is an ab­so­lutely perfect gift to make the whole fam­ily smile! www.lg.com

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