BIS Au­dio Pow­erBIS Power Bar, $675 US to $725 US (ap­prox.)

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Pro­vid­ing clean power to your au­dio com­po­nents is crit­i­cal when build­ing a high-end au­dio sys­tem. Af­ter all, our au­dio com­po­nents take the power that we feed them and “shape” it into the mu­sic that we hear. The Mon­treal-made Pow­erBIS is metic­u­lously de­signed and uti­lizes the high­est qual­ity ma­te­ri­als that re­sult in a power bar that is as trans­par­ent as pos­si­ble, while pro­vid­ing su­pe­rior stur­di­ness and con­tact sta­bil­ity. Avail­able in 6 and 8 cryo­geni­cally-treated re­cep­ta­cle ver­sions, the Pow­erBIS is a per­fect up­grade for every au­dio sys­tem. The power bar comes with a de­tach­able 1.8m AC20 power cord.

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