Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage, $1,500 US

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If you’ve in­vested $2,000 or more into your turntable, then you should def­i­nitely be run­ning a high­end phono stage in your sys­tem to un­lock the full po­ten­tial of your ana­log setup. The Gold Note PH10 is an ab­so­lute gem - it’s among the best sound­ing phono stages I’ve ever heard and def­i­nitely the most ver­sa­tile model in the mar­ket. It’ll im­prove just about every char­ac­ter­is­tic of sound in your sys­tem - from mi­cro/macro de­tails to sound­stag­ing. The PH-10 sim­ply takes the sound of a turntable and makes it more real. Check out Dou­glas Brown’s re­view of the PH-10 on ‘nuff said.­

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