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“They em­u­late him with the look, the sound and all that is cheap and sus­pect about him – mi­nus the good mu­sic and pro­duc­tion.” – about pop band Mazarati’s lessthan-sub­tle Prince ob­ses­sion “So much for good ideas. This sounds like al­most any other re­cent Glass al­bum, with the ad­di­tion of awk­wardly fit­ting lyrics. Glass in­sists on work­ing his riffs to death – a con­cept not out of place when dis­cussing Glass’s largely mo­not­o­nous, un­ex­cit­ing mu­sic as of late.” – about Philip Glass “In any case, if the two were to tackle the same song, Luba would blow the wet head back into the mi­nors. She de­serves to win this one.” – about Luba’s abil­ity to kick Corey Hart’s ass, mu­si­cally

“They’ve got the makeup, the hair­cuts and the cheek­bones, and they also ap­pear to have a record com­pany determined to make stars out of them. Too bad they’re ab­so­lutely de­void of new mu­si­cal ideas.”

– about Brit dance band King “Vic­to­ria land has been made to be played at 45 RPM, but if you want it to last longer try it at 33 – that sounds kind of neat, too.” – about the Cocteau Twins’ al­bum “Canada’s prob­lem is that we’re the Ro­tar­i­ans of the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity. We’ll join any­thing. We were among the founders of NATO, hop­ing that, along with the Bri­tish, we could Gul­liv­er­ize the Amer­i­cans. We run around now say­ing, ‘But what would the world think of us?’ when, of course, the world doesn’t spend much time think­ing about us at all.” – about Canada’s role as an in­ter­na­tional peace­keeper

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