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“As much as I like Atom Egoyan as a per­son, I hon­estly do not think he has tal­ent as a film­maker.” – in a re­view of Fam­ily View­ing “As to whether Bad is as good or bet­ter than Thriller, it can’t be bet­ter be­cause it sim­ply is Thriller a few years on. And the real thing is al­most al­ways more ex­cit­ing than a recre­ation.” – about the King of Pop be­fore his fall from grace “His Pis­tols rags have been re­placed by a vo­lu­mi­nous and baroque en­sem- ble re­sem­bling a three-piece suit on a drug binge. Ly­don’s hol­low cheeks have filled out and he is al­most beefy, taller than one might ex­pect, with the cocky de­meanour of a foot­ball hooli­gan.” – about for­mer Sex Pis­tol Johnny Rot­ten “Strained, syn­the­sized and su­per­flu­ous, this record takes pa­tience and op­ti­mism to the very limit, and pushes it off the edge.” – about the Mon­kees’ Pool It! LP

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