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Rock mu­sic is like a party, and you have to keep show­ing up even if you have a weird loud shirt on.

– song­writer Stan Ridg­way It makes me in­sane that men are al­lowed to be moody and ex­press their love with three well-placed grunts, and we’re ex­pected to cre­ate sen­tences and homes around them. It makes me mad! – per­former San­dra Shamas, au­thor of My Boyfriend’s Back And There’s Gonna Be Laun­dry: The Cy­cle Con­tin­ues We thought be­cause smok­ing a few joints and do­ing psychedelics seemed in­nocu­ous and fun, drugs were okay. Well, as it turns out, once you get into co­caine and heroin you’ve gone over a cliff and now you’re wait­ing to hit the pave­ment. – David Crosby on get­ting sober Metal is much more sex­ist than punk rock was. I al­ways looked at punk as be­ing asex­ual. It sort of ig­nored sex, or pre­tended that it wasn’t im­por­tant. – direc­tor Pene­lope Spheeris on her film Decline Of West­ern Civ­i­liza­tion Part II: The Metal Years Every­body’s try­ing to fuck you at the same time. – singer (and now Canadian Idol judge) Sass Jor­dan on the mu­sic in­dus­try

Yippee, no corsets.

– Ap­pol­lo­nia on leav­ing Prince’s court I get flak about guys on­stage push­ing their mas­culin­ity and grab­bing their dick. Maybe rap­pers do overkill it – “Yo, I’m a man. Check out my thang” – but you got to un­der­stand, we get pushed into this cor­ner. You’re never go­ing to get love records from Ice-T. – Ice-T on the overt mas­culin­ity of rap­pers

David Crosby

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