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NOW Magazine - Anniversary special - - Toronto Symphony Orchestra -

“Irony poured over the pro­ceed­ing along with the rain as a drenched dome sta­dium crowd wit­nessed the open­ing of Canada’s grand­est en­ter­tain­ment show­place with an ama­teur­ish and danger­ous spec­ta­cle that only en­ter­tained un­in­ten­tion­ally.” – about the grand open­ing of the Skydome “At­tached to a his­tor­i­cal le­gacy with which few are familiar, they have formed a com­posted ide­ol­ogy ow­ing as much to Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin and Emma Gold­man as to the raw anger of Sid Vi­cious and the flower-child ma­tri­lin­eage of Yoko Ono.” – about Sur­vival Gath­er­ing: An An­ar­chist Uncon­ven­tion “At $25 a ticket, and with about six songs in the 45-minute set, fans of MC Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock paid just shy of five bucks a song.” – about get­ting more rap for our buck “Pan­der­ing to the ‘you can’t ex­ploit me if I ex­ploit my­self first’ ethic, hard-rocker Lee Aaron ex­am­ines life back­stage and in back seats, cre­at­ing fan­tasies per­fect for pubescent boys and no one else.” – about Canada’s metal queen

Yoko Ono

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