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“If Tom Hanks is the Jack Lem­mon of his gen­er­a­tion, then Philadel­phia is his The Days Of Wine And Roses – the film that el­e­vates him be­yond the realm of gifted light co­me­dian.” – about Tom Hanks “Un­able to move be­yond a fake funk, the head­less and tail­less songs sim­ply came out as in­ert, bloated and brittle psy­che­delic racket.” – about Jamiro­quai live “The sloth-paced hour-long or­deal had all the ex­cite­ment of stand­ing over five peo­ple chang­ing a tire.” – about Mazzy Star in con­cert “If the four­some of Jian Ghome­shi, Mur­ray Foster, Mike Ford and Dave Mathe­son have any su­pe­rior har­monic abil­ity, they cer­tainly didn’t demon­strate it in their se­lec­tion of car­toon su­per­hero TV themes and Weird Al Yankovic-spun lyrics with lit­er­ary pre­ten­sions.” – about Moxy Früvous in con­cert “At­wood has not only borne the weight of all the at­ten­tion – press, public and pro­fes­so­rial – but she has met it head on, il­lu­mi­nated it, chopped it into pieces and fed it back to the crit­ics.” – about Mar­garet At­wood

Mar­garet At­wood

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