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Suf­fer­ing is largely the out­come of a state of mind which falsely per­ceives re­al­ity.

– the Dalai Lama I’m glad to be rid of the traitor. That’s what he is, Canada’s great­est traitor.

– Far­ley Mowat on the down­fall of the much-re­viled Brian Mul­roney We were be­ing pi­geon­holed as a kind of English Nir­vana or a dirty ver­sion of Suede or some­thing re­ally ridicu­lous. We def­i­nitely didn’t help our­selves by play­ing up to that, but over time Thom’s come to terms with it and is now more com­fort­able.

– Ra­dio­head gui­tarist Jonny Green­wood Of course I’d like to work with Martin Scors­ese, but now that he’s done Age Of In­no­cence, he’s prob­a­bly had it with women for a while.

– ac­tor Holly Hunter All of a sud­den we have this new set of peo­ple want­ing to hear it, and we get pumped up again about a song we’re grow­ing to hate.

– Blind Melon’s Brad Smith on No Rain Get­ting high might put a dif­fer­ent edge on some of my songs. But then I wrote Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk when I was com­pletely sober. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

– B Real of Cy­press Hill It’s given me a new­found re­spect for women and a pro­found re­spect for trans­ves­tites, who have things to hide.

– Johnny Depp on play­ing cross-dress­ing direc­tor Ed Wood

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