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“The way we write songs has never been a con­scious choice with us. It comes out of lazi­ness. It just hap­pens to be eas­ier to act pissed off and write an­gry songs than to try to be nice. Hid­ing be­hind a bunch of noisy am­pli­fiers and scream­ing is an easy front.”

– Kurt Cobain

Re­gard­less of how you feel about Nir­vana and the whole tack­ily overblown grunge thing that did more to in­spire bad garage bands than great mu­sic, there’s no deny­ing Kurt Cobain’s im­por­tance. Like a new gen­er­a­tion’s John Len­non, our money’s on you still re­mem­ber­ing where you were when you heard about his sui­cide. When it comes to Nir­vana, NOW was on board long be­fore 91’s Nev­er­mind. From mu­sic writer Tim Per­lich be­ing asked by bassist Krist Novoselic if the band could crash on his couch (Kurt was too shy) and bond­ing over Twin Peaks episodes to dodg­ing beer bot­tles at their in­fa­mous Lee’s Palace per­for­mance, we’ve been down with the tragic he­roes of the Seat­tle grunge scene through the rise and fall of plaid flan­nel as uni­form.

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