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A black per­son is a per­son who claims to be black. We should al­ways be self-defin­ing. – Rita Deverell, se­nior pro­ducer at Vi­sion TV I was in­spired by the strange power that com­pels peo­ple to stand in the mid­dle of the street and yell “fuck off.” Scream­ing “fuck off” in the street is some­thing only marginal­ized peo­ple do, peo­ple who be­lieve they have noth­ing at all to lose. – artist Gene Threndyle It’s sad, sad to com­mit sui­cide…. When you com­mit sui­cide, you must be re­ally de­pressed. – Tom Jones The big­gest com­pli­ment I’ve re­ceived is from a friend who said we were re­ally sleazy. – Ron Hawkins on his post-Low­est of the Low band, the Leisure Demons What you ac­tu­ally have in a bar is a bru­tal, vis­ceral ex­pe­ri­ence, not in­ti­macy. You have some­one who’s in front of you in a rage. The only way to make con­tact with them is to spit at them, grab their balls, throw your­self on­stage and get thrown off. – Pete Town­shend Se­rial killers are like Elvis. They’re popular, and there’s a flip­pancy in­her­ent in their ap­peal – se­rial killer jokes, fanzines that list the top 100 se­rial killers. – play­wright and poet Ali Ri­ley Gays who are Chris­tians are schiz­o­phrenic, I think. – Pa­tri­cia Rozema, direc­tor of When Night is Fall­ing Be­ing fa­mous is like be­ing dis­fig­ured or dis­abled in some way. Peo­ple just look at you, and you just have to live with it and get on with your life. – Blur’s Da­mon Al­barn The most ironic thing about Kiss was that Gene tried to talk like a col­lege pro­fes­sor while he was dressed like a fuck­ing vam­pire. – Ace Frehley If peo­ple think I’m a three-headed mon­ster from Mars, that’s fine by me. In fact, that would be quite flat­ter­ing be­cause it would mean I’m much more mys­te­ri­ous and com­pli­cated than I re­ally am. – Björk He’s a cut­ter, that guy – mother’s al­lowance, taxes and now trees. He should be an edi­tor or some­thing. – Jaymz Bee on Mike Har­ris I’d like to put him in a pair of di­a­pers, give him a bot­tle, spank him and put him to bed. – Jayne County on Green Day’s Bil­lie Joe

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