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‘Once again the au­thor­i­ties tar­get park sex, which is to gay men what folk danc­ing is to other mi­nor­ity groups.’ – about cruis­ing in High Park ‘Who are Jamiro­quai? On­stage, we see white peo­ple. White peo­ple who dress as they have seen black peo­ple dress, sing as they have heard black peo­ple sing. They could be Ste­vie Won­der. But it’s 20 years too late, and so they’re just some Bri­tish guys on­stage in funny hats.’ – from a live re­view “Pavarotti’s voice is way past its prime, and he chose to sing junk.” – from a re­view of the Three Tenors at SkyDome “Imag­ine Jen­nifer Ja­son Leigh as a down-filled pil­low.” – about a pre-skinny Renée Zell­weger “Great cabaret singers aren’t born. They’re cre­ated over time, sculpted and shaped by their ex­pe­ri­ences – the sad­der the bet­ter.” – about Mar­i­anne Faith­full “In­ter­view­ing Yoko Ono is like play­ing chess. Ono has been burned too many times not to be think­ing three moves ahead.” – about Ono in a story about her AGO show “Say­ing that Sarah Pol­ley is ma­ture for her age [18] is like say­ing Wayne Gret­zky’s kinda handy with a hockey stick.” – about Pol­ley in a re­view of The Sweet Here­after. “It’s tempt­ing to pity Mor­ris­sey – that is, if the singer didn’t al­ready feel so sorry for him­self.” – on a Mor­ris­sey con­cert in which a se­cu­rity guard hauled the singer, who was crowd surf­ing, off­stage and un­cer­e­mo­ni­ously tossed him into an al­ley be­cause he didn’t rec­og­nize him

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