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“What makes Ken Starr such a ter­ror­ist threat is that he has in­vaded all our sex­u­al­ity to serve his hate-filled ob­ses­sion, to in­spire a moral panic, us­ing the is­sue of sex and work as the touch­stones to unite the fem­i­nist-minded man-haters on the left and the woman- and sex-haters on the right.” – about the “erotic evil” of the strait­laced son of a fire-and-brim­stone-preach­ing fun­da­men­tal­ist “The curse of this decade has been to make all sub­ver­sion ob­vi­ous. Ob­vi­ous and bor­ing. Tat­toos are bor­ing, pierc­ing is bor­ing, Far­rakhan is bor­ing, dykes are bor­ing, fags are bor­ing, breed­ers are bor­ing and so is revo­lu­tion. Revo­lu­tion is past bor­ing. Peo­ple laugh at it.” – about a bor­ing decade, ob­vi­ously “Thou­sands of young women have found an ob­ject wor­thy of their knock-kneed af­fec­tion who will never ask them for a blow job.” – about the fans of Ani DiFranco “Michael Moore dresses like an un­made bed.” – about Michael Moore dress­ing like an un­made bed

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