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“Gone are the tor­tured soul bal­lads, to be re­placed by flaky love songs, dit­ties about PMS and sun­shine, and po­etry. Bad po­etry. Some­one needs to get dumped.” – about Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama disc “High on the list of phrases I never thought I’d hear – “a ro­man­tic com­edy from the direc­tor of Del­i­catessen and Alien Res­ur­rec­tion.” – about Jean-Pierre Je­unet’s Amélie “Were the songs any good, the ego might be tol­er­a­ble. In­stead, this bor­ders on in­suf­fer­able.” – about how bad Matthew Good is “On one level, I know I should like this film bet­ter than I do. On an­other, the emo­tional pre­ci­sion of the per­for­mances makes me won­der if a copy of Sword­fish is in at Block­buster yet.“– about the Os­car-nom­i­nated In The Bed­room “If you can imag­ine a heavy metal Corky and the Juice Pigs, you’ll know why to give this a pass.” – about Te­na­cious D’s de­but “It’s pos­si­ble that Kid Rock might not be as dumb as he looks.” – about Kid Rock’s al­bum, Cocky “No way Brit­ney’s the new Madonna. While ev­ery­one’s been ogling the for­mer Mouseke­teer’s am­ple im­plants, Gwen Ste­fani has qui­etly as­sumed the throne.” – about the as­cen­dency of Gwen Ste­fani “Punk rock is so main­stream it hurts.” – about wannabe Sex Pis­tols Sum 41. “Loeb’s glasses were al­ways edgier than her tunes.” – on Loeb live at Lee’s Palace

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