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NOW Magazine - Anniversary special - - Toronto Symphony Orchestra -

“Green Day suf­fers from try­ing very hard to live up to the Avril-ized face of ra­dio and em­u­late the bands they paved the way for in the early 90s.” – about Amer­i­can Id­iot “This shiny 66-cen­time­tre hunk of alpine green plas­tic is so inspiring it brings tears to our eyes. There is hope for our trash-amass­ing cul­ture yet. – about the green bin, the best thing to come out of City Hall in years “The world needs a new Fat­boy Slim al­bum like Ash­lee Simp­son needs black hair dye.” – about Fat­boy Slim’s Palookav­ille “This is an aptly ti­tled record. Some exec must have no­ticed that no­body’s pay­ing any at­ten­tion to Manson any more and got pan­icky that he’ll be forgotten al­to­gether. What­ever.” – about Mar­i­lyn Manson: LestWe For­get-Great­est Hits “Last time one of the ladies from Bro­ken went solo (Les­lie Feist), she aban­doned Toronto for Paris, turned into Sade and now serves as Gal­liano’s fash­ion muse, eat­ing fresh baguettes and skip­ping around the Lou­vre all day and oc­ca­sion­ally teas­ing the T-dot with a show. That won’t hap­pen once Haines’s new al­bum comes out, will it?” – about Emily Haines of Met­ric go­ing solo “It oc­curs to me that once di­rec­tors achieve a cer­tain level of suc­cess sus­tained over a pe­riod of years, they turn to the an­cient world for a rea­son. They’ve reached a point where they’re no longer re­ally sure how life is lived in the mod­ern world.” – about Oliver Stone’s Alexander “The MC, best-known as one-third of 90s iPod faves Di­ga­ble Plan­ets, has a tone and pitch sim­i­lar to a soft bar of soap slid­ing across a naked back.” – about Lady­bug Mecca of Di­ga­ble Plan­ets “Part ral­ly­ing cry for sleepy sub­ur­ban mal­con­tents, part ele­giac recherche du temps perdu, the mag­nif­i­cent de­but LP from this year’s un­der­dog suc­cess story res­onates with shim­mer­ing street-light waltzes and mer­cu­rial hymns of hope. Chil­dren, wake up.” – about the Ar­cade Fire’s Fu­neral LP

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