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“Try to imag­ine, in our post-tsunami world, if Bea­tles-jack­ing pro­ducer Dan­ger Mouse were a Sri Lankan refugee who looked like a fash­ion model and could rhyme sexy about the Mid­dle East con­flict and you’ll get some idea of what all the fuss about MIA is about.” “At one point in the dis­ap­point­ing Re­venge Of The Sith, Ewan McGre­gor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi asks, ‘How did this hap­pen? We’re smarter than this.’ Ap­par­ently not.” “Bat­man Be­gins should sat­isfy most comic book fa­nat­ics and se­ri­ous, pim­ply boys who don’t get enough sun. But it’s go­ing to lose mil­lions of dol­lars at the box of­fice.” “Google Earth isn’t quite the real­time in­ter­ac­tive globe de­scribed in Wil­liam Gibson’s Neu­ro­mancer or the sun­glasses his char­ac­ter McGuf­fin wore in Vir­tual Light, but it’s def­i­nitely an­other in­stance of a tech­nol­o­gist’s science fic­tion mov­ing one solid step closer to re­al­ity.” “There are two schools of thought on the Trag­i­cally Hip. Ei­ther you think they’re, like, the best fuckin’ band ever, or they’re just an over­rated bar band with a few de­cent songs that got huge cuz peo­ple think they rep­re­sent some kind of weird, ab­stract no­tion of the Canadian iden­tity.” “Fuck the buzz, just revel in Wolf Pa­rade’s mid­way sideshow of wheez­ing key­boards, roller-coaster per­cus­sion and spas­tic bumper-car gui­tars.”

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