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“Ex-Lib­er­tine re­ject Pete Do­herty is a to­tal junkie fuck-up who couldn’t walk the line if he tried. In­cred­i­bly, though, through the haze of heroin and in­car­cer­a­tions comes a shock­ingly good batch of rock, pop and punk tunes that reaf­firm that, some­times, cre­ativ­ity sim­ply can’t be sti­fled.” – about Do­herty’s Babysham­bles disc Down In Al­bion “Al­most ev­ery time I look at band pro­files on MyS­pace or some hot new group’s web­site, I find a bio so full of self-im­por­tance and hy­per­bole that it’s laugh­able. Not Toronto’s Hostage Life’s site. Their MyS­pace bio sec­tion ends with,‘Stop read­ing and just lis­ten to the fuck­ing song’.” – about an in­ter­est­ing MyS­pace page “I do hon­estly be­lieve that there’s an un­tapped reser­voir of pos­si­bil­i­ties in al­ter­na­tive medicine, but I’m not one of those peo­ple who think that just be­cause some­thing is nat­u­ral it’s good for you. Dig­i­talis is nat­u­ral. So is dog shit.’ – about alt medicine “Con­sid­er­ing the com­po­si­tional weak­ness of his de­clin­ing out­put and his re­liance on cheap ploys like name-drop­ping Ali­cia Keys to ap­pear cur­rent, the dead-bor­ing re­sults seem more due to nat­u­ral cre­ative at­ro­phy or just lazi­ness.” – about Bob Dy­lan’s al­most uni­ver­sally lauded Mod­ern Times al­bum “Check this out. It says,‘Are you fit to strip?’ Hell, yeah! I’m an al­co­holic and a drug ad­dict with a his­tory of sex­ual abuse. Strip bars are home to me. I was cus­tom-made to strip.” – from our Love & Sex col­umn

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