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1. PAY AT­TEN­TION. Your co­work­ers know you are new to this and will want to help you, but they can't spend all day ex­plain­ing things to you. So when they an­swer your ques­tions or show you how to do some­thing, pay at­ten­tion. Also pay at­ten­tion to what's go­ing on around you. How do your co­work­ers talk to each other? How do they treat the boss? What are their goals and con­cerns? Learn the cul­ture and cus­toms of the work world.

2. FIND A MEN­TOR. Whether it's your su­per­vi­sor or some­one else you work with, find a per­son who is will­ing to an­swer your ques­tions and help you learn. Ask about the job, the com­pany, the ca­reer field. Find out what they did to ad­vance in their ca­reer, and what ad­vice they have for you. Es­tab­lish a strong re­la­tion­ship. This per­son may be able to help you with your ca­reer long af­ter you leave this in­tern job. 3. AC­CEPT RE­AL­ITY. You may get stuck with some work that you feel is be­neath you, bor­ing, or just plain point­less. The trick is to make the best of it by do­ing an out­stand­ing job with ev­ery task you're as­signed. Then ask for more. Take on any­thing you can and show that you can be counted upon to get it done quickly and ac­cu­rately.

4. BE PRO­FES­SIONAL. Re­mem­ber, you are in a work set­ting now and need to act pro­fes­sion­ally. Don't show up late, chat on your cell, take ex­tra­long breaks or bring your per­sonal life to work.

5. EVAL­U­ATE YOUR CA­REER GOALS. One of the best things you can learn from your in­tern­ship is whether you're pur­su­ing the ca­reer path that's right for you. Can you pic­ture your­self do­ing the same kind of work and be­ing happy with it for the rest of your ca­reer? If not, you should re- eval­u­ate your ca­reer goals.

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