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This Fringe must have a record num­ber of clown shows. There’s Phil Koole’s Hala­p­a­toolo, Vin­cenzo Alib­erti’s A Fu­neral For

Clowns, and Lit­tle Lady, by Cirque du Soleil per­former/Ce­line Dion dancer San­drine La­fond.

And mak­ing a wel­come re­turn are pop­u­lar Fringe red­nosers Morro and Jasp (aka Heather Marie An­nis and Amy

Lee), along with their co-writer/direc­tor, By­ron Lavi­o­lette. The trio, who’ve taken us through ado­les­cence (Morro And Jasp Do Pu­berty) and at­tempts at whip­ping up a cooking show (Morro And Jasp: Go Bake Your­self) are in­volved in two plays this year: Of Mice And Morro And Jasp and Porn­Star (the lat­ter’s not a clown show). In ad­di­tion, Lavi­o­lette’s in­volved in the site-spe­cific show [ZED.TO] By­ol­o­gyc: Where You Be­come New.

Clowns are re­ally big at this year’s Fringe. Do you guys take any credit for that?

Morro: Um, maybe… but not all of it. Clowns have been loved in this city be­fore and will be af­ter we’re gone, so we’re just a part of the wave.

Jasp: But I’m sure it’s mostly be­cause of us.

Morro: Jasp, that is not true. Jasp: How do you know it’s not?

Who’s your big­gest clown com­pe­ti­tion at the fes­ti­val?


Are you look­ing for a fight? Huh? Are you? You wanna go? Bring it. Bring it!

Mud wres­tle!


Are you adapt­ing Stein­beck’s De­pres­sion-era tale Of Mice And Men be­cause of the cur­rent eco­nomic cli­mate?

Jasp: We are in hard times here, peo­ple. And it’s worse for clowns, de­spite all the shows this year. Sta­tis­ti­cally, clowns make 55 per cent of what a “regular” per­son makes.

Morro: Think about it.

With­out the red noses, do peo­ple in the Beer Tent rec­og­nize you?

Morro: Um… like if we had our noses re­moved some­how?

Jasp: Would peo­ple rec­og­nize you with­out your nose?

Morro: Prob­a­bly not. It’d be like Clark Kent.

You’re also in­volved in Chris Crad­dock’s Porn­Star. What is it about you that made Chris think “porn stars”?

Morro & Jasp: Isn’t it ob­vi­ous,


You have a cou­ple of days when you’re per­form­ing both shows, and on the fi­nal Satur­day (July 14) you’ve got a mere 45 min­utes be­tween them. How will you man­age?

Morro: Cuz we’re hard­core! Cuz we’re “street” like that! Cuz we’re clowns! North Side!

Jasp: Sigh, we have no idea….

You’ve al­ways got rave re­views in NOW. Will this year be any dif­fer­ent?

Jasp: That’s hard to an­swer. I guess it de­pends if NOW likes our show.

Morro: Can we in­ter­est you in some cook­ies? How would you con­vince Mayor Ford to see one of your shows?

Morro & Jasp: Free plas­tic bags for ev­ery­one who comes to the show!

Of Mice And Morro And Jasp be­gins July 5, and Porn­Star be­gins July 6, both at the Tar­ragon Mainspace.

Morro (Heather Marie An­nis, above) and Jasp (Amy Lee) get laughs from hard times.

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