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(Noemi Weis, Canada). 90 min­utes. Rat­ing: NNN When it’s on the topic – profit-seek­ing cor­po­ra­tions push­ing in­fant for­mula on moth­ers who don’t need it – Milk rocks. That’s true es­pe­cially when direc­tor Naomi Weis’s crew trav­els to the Philip­pines, where cash-strapped moth­ers of in­fants were pro­vided post- cy­clone with for­mula and found their breast milk had dried up when the for­mula ran out.

But the pic skates over the med­i­cal­iza­tion of the birthing process and the ab­sence of ma­ter­nity leave benefits in the U. S. (Don’t go there if you can’t put some meat on the ar­gu­ment.) And Weis has a bad habit of tak­ing us places with­out nam­ing them.

There’s very lit­tle new here (ex­cept a killer spo­ken word piece from Holly McNish and a few ref­er­ences to so­cial me­dia), and that’s bad for those of us who bat­tled big bad Nestlé 30 years ago. But the fact that the prob­lem still re­mains gives Milk ur­gency. SGC Apr 27, 6: 30 pm, Is­abel Bader; Apr 29, 11 am, Is­abel Bader.

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