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(Maya Newell, Australia). 85 min­utes. Rat­ing: NNNN Gus is ob­sessed with pro­fes­sional wrestling, Ebony sort of wants to be­come a pop star, Gra­ham has a hard time read­ing, and Matt is ques­tion­ing reli­gion.

What’s their com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor? They’re all Aus­tralian, be­tween 11 and 12 and are be­ing raised by same-sex par­ents.

Ebony is au­di­tion­ing to get into an arts school, which will pre­sum­ably be more tol­er­ant, but we don’t see her get­ting os­tra­cized. And even when Gra­ham and his two dads move to the more tra­di­tional Fiji, there don’t seem to be any road­blocks.

I think that’s direc­tor Maya Newell’s point. Th­ese kids and fam­i­lies are like any oth­ers, with regular prob­lems. The pro­gram notes say that Newell was raised by same-sex par­ents, and con­trast­ing her ex­pe­ri­ence with an­other gen­er­a­tion’s might have pro­vided con­text.

But each one of th­ese kids and his or her fam­ily dy­namic is com­plex, and by the end you’ll be cheer­ing for them. GS Apr 29, 6: 30 pm, Is­abel Bader; May 1, 1 pm, TIFF 1; May 2, 3: 45 pm, TIFF 2

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