New Year’s Eve tips:

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1. New Year’s Eve is a mag­i­cal night when al­most any­thing can hap­pen. Re­mem­ber to wear clean un­der­wear.

2. Even at 11:59, "see you next year" is not the least bit funny.

3. To add a touch of class to your New Year’s Eve, hold your pinky out when drink­ing from your bot­tle of mike's hard lemon­ade.

4. Go­ing out with friends is good. Go­ing out with imag­i­nary friends isn’t.

5. With ev­ery­one pre­oc­cu­pied with en­joy­ing them­selves, there’s never been a bet­ter time to pawn off all those turkey left­overs.

6. Walk­ing around with your fly open ask­ing peo­ple if they’d like to look into the fu­ture is not the best way to make new friends.

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