Do you wish you’d had Bet­ter Sex ed­u­ca­tion?

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What, you mean, a half-hour anatomy les­son on the func­tions of the pe­nis while com­pletely ig­nor­ing the cli­toris is not good

enough? el­iZ­a­Beth ruth No. I’m ex­cep­tion­ally proud

of my Cana­dian sex ed­u­ca­tion. I know where the uterus is and ev­ery­thing.

mariko ta­maki No. I was for­tu­nate to re­ceive a fan­tas­tic sex ed­u­ca­tion in

the Mon­treal French­language high school sys­tem in the early 90s. The rest of the coun­try needs to take a page from that book. (nudge) Hey, Kath­leen? (nudge)

an­Drea Zanin I got my sex ed­u­ca­tion on­line in the early days of AOL from high femmes and bath­house fag­gots, so it was idio­syn­cratic but ex­cep­tion­ally thor­ough. I

even­tu­ally wished some other peo­ple had got­ten bet­ter sex ed­u­ca­tion (which is ul­ti­mately why I started teach­ing trans-fo­cused sex ed classes), but that’s

another story.


I wish they’d told me that when you have makeup sex with your part­ner, the lip­stick gets fuck­ing ev­ery­where.


I would have liked them to men­tion that a few of us won’t wanna do any of the things they were talk­ing about. But I took some ex­tracur­ric­u­lars and it turned out fine.

GAVIN CRAW­FORD My sex ed­u­ca­tion con­sisted of a stack of fem­i­nist fic­tion from my mother. I skipped Judy Blume and went right to Jeanette Win­ter­son.

SHOSHANA SPER­LING Yes, bet­ter sex and bet­ter

ed­u­ca­tion. DAVID BATE­MAN

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