What would you Say to your high School Bully?

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Meh. I don’t talk to wastes of space. Too busy with fab­u­lous peo­ple. an­Drea Zanin You look like your mom in your Face­book pro­file pic­ture.

mariko ta­maki Neener, neener, neener.

S. Bear BerGman Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.... I thought you were mean for no rea­son. But I am so onto you now, with your brush cut and your 25 pierc­ings and the way you swag­gered through the halls like you owned the place. Couldn’t

keep your hands off me, eh? That com­pass nee­dle you stuck in my back­side was just wish­ful think­ing, honey. I don’t re­gret

my re­tal­i­a­tion for that one: Win­dex in your face got us both sent to the prin­ci­pal’s of­fice, but you’re the one who cried like a baby. A baby butch. Poor thing.

el­iZ­a­Beth ruth Thanks for the ca­reer.

Gavin Craw­forD I for­give your ig­no­rance. Now fill it with un­leaded.

ShoShana Sper­linG

Let’s dance. DaviD Bate­man

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