See­ing the light on polic­ing is­sues


Re Tory’s All Wet On Pride And Po­lice, by Alok Mukher­jee (NOW, July 14-20). Mukher­jee has ex­pe­ri­enced a con­ver­sion on polic­ing is­sues, and that is good.

For the 10 years he chaired the Toronto Po­lice Ser­vices Board, he opposed change about how the po­lice dealt with the com­mu­nity – with Blacks, with those in men­tal cri­sis, with strip-search­ing, with po­lice ex­pen­di­tures.

But now that he’s safely free from a place where he could make changes, he ap­par­ently has seen the light and thinks the po­lice should change. As they say about Michael Coren and his de­ci­sion that op­pos­ing the LGBT com­mu­nity was stupid, change is bet­ter late than never.

John Sewell Toronto

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