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This week’s five most-read posts


1. The war on drugs Why are street drugs like cocaine and MDMA being laced with deadly fentanyl? The truth is complicate­d. 2. Deals on meals Summerlici­ous, where high-end restaurant­s offer inexpensiv­e prix fixe menus, starts this week. Here’s where to book your reservatio­ns.

3. Ones to watch With over 150 shows, it’s harder than ever to decide what to see at Fringe Fest, which starts this week. Luckily, NOW stage critics help narrow down the list. 4. Lights dim on the Cadillac Parkdale’s iconic Cadillac Lounge is up for sale, and owner Sam Grosso says the bar will close as soon as he finds the right buyer.

5. When art imitates life The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani sounds off on what it means to be both Pakistani and American in a Trump world.

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