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Word of caution on fentanyl crisis


Thadea Berezny’s article on the opioid crisis (NOW, June 29-July 5) is good. It is unfortunat­e that the opening two sentences reinforce the speculatio­n about the nightclub overdoses from earlier this year.

As someone working with healthcare workers with direct knowledge of those cases, none of those incidents involved fentanyl. As the author points out, accidental contaminat­ion is more likely the issue than deliberate adulterati­on.

However, there has still not yet been an MDMA related case. There have been a handful of cocaine-related incidents in Ontario.

Yes, please take extra precaution­s, even if you use MDMA, but we need to be careful with headlines and stories that are overly simplistic, as we risk other important health and risk reduction messaging.

Nick Boyce From

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