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Disengaged, Factory Studio, to July 15

Why should we see your show? Not only is my debut solo show funny (and nominated for best English comedy at the Montreal Fringe!), but it’s an honest and vulnerable look at the breakdown of relationsh­ips, which should resonate with a lot of people.

What are some show titles you considered then rejected? Hmmm... Considered Then Rejected is a good title. But here are some: Runaway Groom; My Big Fat Greek Wedding... Almost; It’s Not You, It’s Me, But Maybe You A Little Bit.

What’s your Fringe flyering strategy? I’ll probably just start proposing to random people in the streets.

You’ve all got one weekday early afternoon performanc­e. That’s great for comedy, right? If it’s a crowd full of people sneaking out of work, it might just be amazing.

This year’s Fringe Club is located at Scadding Court. What are you most looking forward to about it? The food vendors and the beer. I can’t wait to get in there. Hopefully I can sneak into the community centre and jump in the pool when it heats up outside.

Bill Cosby attends your show. What do you say to him? A simple “Get the @#$% out of here” should suffice.

Who are you most looking forward to schmoozing at the Fringe beer tent? Warren P. Sonoda. Coopers’ Camera is one of my favourite Christmas movies. I can’t wait to see his play, Hands Down, and hopefully see him in the tent.

What will you do with all the money you make from your hit Fringe show? Probably buy a billboard for when I take my show to the Vancouver Fringe in September. Or go to Canada’s Wonderland a bunch.

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