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Life Records 2: Side B, Factory Studio, to July 16

Why should we see your show? Because I need the attention! No, because it’s a fun hour of stories and laughs, and what more can you ask for from a Fringe show? Also I have asked you nicely.

What are some show titles you considered then rejected? Life Records 2: No, Mom, I Am Not Pregnant Again! Life Wrecker – but that’s more about having a kid than music. Life Records 2: Electric Boogaloo.

What’s your Fringe flyering strategy? I’m not sure about flyering. I go out and flyer around the Fringe but I’m not sure if it works all that much. I do a lot of cross-promotion and flyer exchanges with other shows, but I find word of mouth and reviews bought with bribes are what really push your shows.

You’ve all got one weekday early afternoon performanc­e. That’s great for comedy, right? They are the best! Same with those whitehot 11 pm shows!

This year’s Fringe Club is located at Scadding Court. What are you most looking forward to about it? Not hiding that I’m pregnant so I can have a drink with everyone! [Note: during Life Records, Archer revealed she was pregnant.]

Bill Cosby attends your show. What do you say to him? “How the hell did you hear about this show? I guess flyering does work! Also, please leave.”

Describe the site-specific show of your dreams. In my living room, so I can wear my PJs and not pay for child care during performanc­e hours.

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