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Chad Mallett (aka Matt Folliott, Ted Hallett), Factory Mainspace, July 7 to 16

Why should we see your show? Don’t! We don’t care! Kidding, please validate us! 1. It’s hilarious. 2. We create a show from scratch each time we perform – the energy is infectious. 3. If you don’t have fun at this show you’re probably a fresh corpse.

What are some show titles you considered then rejected? Chad Mallett: World Tour; Chad Mallett: Planes, Passports And Postcards; and the runner-up: Chad Mallett: Please See Our Show! In the end, we went with Chad Mallett because Chad Mallett: Please See Our Show felt a touch needy.

What’s your Fringe flyering strategy? We’ve been blessed with the gift of gab. When we see you, we’ll talk your ear off about our improvised masterpiec­e.

How will you ensure that your show wins Patron’s Pick? Audiences love to laugh. Plus, each show is completely different, so if you really like it, you can come back the next day and take a brand-new trip with Chad. Also we are passing out bribes. Can I interest you in a new $10 bill, Glenn?

You’ve all got one weekday early afternoon performanc­e. That’s great for comedy, right? Yeah, comedy really thrives in the daylight, like a vampire at brunch.

Bill Cosby attends your show. What do you say to him? Bill, you’re horrendous. Only a real monster would spoil Jello pudding for us all.

Who are you most looking forward to schmoozing at the Fringe beer tent? Neil Patrick Harris. Please come back to Fringe, Neil. Daddy needs a selfie with you.

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