Vot­ers need to look at the facts on Wynne


Kathleen Wynne’s un­ex­pected con­ces­sion on Satur­day sug­gests that the Lib­er­als are ex­pect­ing a very hor­ri­ble re­sult on elec­tion day. I was quite de­flated. I think Wynne has been a very good pre­mier. She cer­tainly doesn’t de­serve the scorn and hate that’s been heaped upon her. This dis­like is not ra­tio­nal. Her govern­ment has many ac­com­plish­ments.

But once a nar­ra­tive sets in about you or your govern­ment, it’s of­ten hard to shake it. No mat­ter how false.

Hil­lary Clin­ton was never quite able to shake her im­age as some­what cor­rupt and mean-spir­ited, none of which she was. Bob Rae, the favourite whipping boy of On­tario pol­i­tics, will never shake the nar­ra­tive that he led a failed govern­ment. Which, again, was not true. Vot­ers need to look at the facts.

Andrew van Velzen Toronto

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