Money for re­new­ables, not pipelines


Justin Trudeau’s $4.5 billion pur­chase of Kin­der Mor­gan’s pipe­line ex­pan­sion project is a shame­ful use of our tax dol­lars. Not only is this pipe­line in di­rect vi­o­la­tion of the con­sti­tu­tional rights of In­dige­nous peo­ples in Canada, the bot­tom line is that there is no viable mar­ket for bi­tu­men trans­ported by tankers. It’s not a prod­uct the world wants to buy.

HSBC and other big play­ers know this and are di­vest­ing from Al­berta’s tar sands. It’s shock­ing to see Paris Agree­ment “rock star” Trudeau as some­one all too will­ing to pro­tect the in­ter­ests of a Texas cor­po­ra­tion. Imag­ine what $4.5 billion could do to help tran­si­tion Al­berta to­ward be­ing a leader in re­new­able en­ergy?

Trudeau needs to do the math and help Al­berta with a plan for a green en­ergy fu­ture.

David Quigg Toronto

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