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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 My Aries ac­quain­tance Ta­tiana de­cided to elim­i­nate sugar from her diet. She drew up a plan to avoid it com­pletely for 30 days, hop­ing to per­ma­nently break its hold over her. I was sur­prised to learn that she be­gan the project by mak­ing a Dessert Al­tar in her bed­room, where she placed a choco­late cake and five kinds of candy. She tes­ti­fied that it com­pelled her willpower to work even harder and be­come even stronger than if she had ex­cluded all sweet treats from her sight. Do you think this stren­u­ous trick might work for you as you bat­tle your own per­sonal equiv­a­lent of a sugar ad­dic­tion? If not, de­vise an equally potent strat­egy. You’re on the verge of for­ever es­cap­ing a temp­ta­tion that’s no good for you. Or you’re close to van­quish­ing an in­flu­ence that has un­der­mined you. Or both.

TAU­RUS Apr 20 | May 20 You have ca­ressed and fi­nessed The Prob­lem. You have tick­led and teased and tin­kered with it. Now I sug­gest you let it alone for a while. Give it breath­ing room. Al­low it to evolve un­der the in­flu­ence of the tweaks you have instigated. Al­though you may need to re­turn and do fur­ther work in a few weeks, my guess is that The Prob­lem’s knots are now des­tined to meta­mor­phose into seeds. The awk­ward­ness you mas­saged with your love and care will even­tu­ally yield a useful magic.

GEM­INI May 21 | Jun 20 “Whether you love what you love or live in di­vided cease­less re­volt against it, what you love is your fate.” Gem­ini poet Frank Bi­dart wrote that in his poem “Guilty Of Dust,” and now I of­fer it to you. Why? Be­cause it’s an ex­cel­lent time to be hon­est with your­self as you iden­tify whom and what you love. It’s also a favourable phase to as­sess whether you are in any sense at odds with whom and what you love; and if you find you are, to fig­ure out how to be in more har­monic align­ment with whom and what you love. Fi­nally, dear Gem­ini, now is a key mo­ment to vividly regis­ter the fact that the story of your life in the com­ing years will pivot around your re­la­tion­ship with whom and what you love.

CAN­CER Jun 21 | Jul 22 Con­grat­u­la­tions on the work you’ve done to cleanse the psy­chic tox­ins from your soul, Cance­rian. I love how brave you’ve been as you’ve jet­ti­soned out­worn shticks, in­ad­e­quate the­o­ries and ir­rel­e­vant wor­ries. It makes my heart sing to have seen you sum­mon the self- re­spect nec­es­sary to stick up for your dreams in the face of so many con­fus­ing sig­nals. I do feel a tinge of sad­ness that your heroism hasn’t been bet­ter ap­pre­ci­ated by those around you. Is there any­thing you can do to com­pen­sate? Like maybe in­ten­sify the ap­pre­ci­a­tion you give your­self?

LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 I hope you’re reach­ing the fi­nal stages of your year- long project to make your­self as solid and steady as pos­si­ble. I trust you have been build­ing a sta­ble foun­da­tion that will serve you well for at least the next five years. I pray you have been cre­at­ing a rich sense of com­mu­nity and es­tab­lish­ing vi­tal new tra­di­tions and sur­round­ing your­self with en­vi­ron­ments that bring out the best in you. If there’s any more work to be done in these sa­cred tasks, in­ten­sify your ef­forts in the com­ing weeks. If you’re be­hind sched­ule, please make up for lost time.

VIRGO Aug 23 | Sep 22 “Ne­ces­sity is the mother of in­ven­tion,” says an old proverb. In other words, when your need for some correction or im­prove­ment be­comes over­whelm­ing, you may be driven to get creative. En­gi­neer Allen Dale put a dif­fer­ent spin on the is­sue. He said that “if ne­ces­sity is the mother of in­ven­tion, then lazi­ness is the fa­ther.” Sci- fi writer Robert Hein­lein agreed, as­sert­ing that “progress is made by lazy men look­ing for eas­ier ways to do things.” I’m not sure if ne­ces­sity or lazi­ness will be your mo­ti­va­tion, Virgo, but I sus­pect that the com­ing weeks could be a golden age of in­ven­tion for you. What prac­ti­cal in­no­va­tions might you launch? What useful im­prove­ments can you fi­na­gle? ( P. S. Philoso­pher Al­fred North Whitehead at­trib­uted the pri­mary drive for in­no­va­tive ideas and giz­mos to “plea­sur­able in­tel­lec­tual cu­rios­ity.”)

LI­BRA Sep 23 | Oct 22 Would you have turned out wiser and wealth­ier if you had dropped out of school in third grade? Would it have been bet­ter to ap­pren­tice your­self to a fam­ily of wolves or coy­otes rather than trust­ing your ed­u­ca­tional fate to in­sti­tu­tions whose job it was to ac­cli­mate you to so­ci­ety’s madness? I’m happy to let you know that you’re en­ter­ing a phase when you’ll find it eas­ier than usual to un­learn any old con­di­tion­ing that might be sup­press­ing your abil­ity to ful­fill your rich po­ten­tials. I urge you to seek out op­por­tu­ni­ties to un­leash your skills and en­hance your in­tel­li­gence.

SCOR­PIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 The temp­ta­tion to over­dra­ma­tize is strong. Go­ing through with a splashy but messy con­clu­sion may have a per­verse ap­peal. But why not wrap things up with an el­e­gant whis­per in­stead of a gar­ish bang? Rather than im­press­ing every­one with how amaz­ingly com­pli­cated your crazy life is, why not qui­etly lay the foun­da­tions for a low- key res­o­lu­tion that will set the stage for a pro­duc­tive se­quel? Tak­ing the lat­ter route will be much eas­ier on your karma, and in my opin­ion will make for just as in­ter­est­ing a story.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 22 | Dec 21 Each of us har­bours rough, vul­ner­a­ble, con­tro­ver­sial or un­honed facets of our iden­tity. And every one of us pe­ri­od­i­cally reaches turn­ing points when it be­comes prob­lem­atic to keep those qual­i­ties buried or im­ma­ture. We need to make them more vis­i­ble and de­velop their po­ten­tial. I sus­pect you have ar­rived at such a turn­ing point. So on be­half of the cos­mos, I hereby in­vite you to en­joy a pe­riod of ripen­ing and sel­f­rev­e­la­tion. And I do mean “en­joy.” Find a way to have fun.

CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 For the next two- plus weeks, an un­usual rule will be in ef­fect: The more you lose, the more you gain. That means you will have an ap­ti­tude for elim­i­nat­ing has­sles, ban­ish­ing stress and shed­ding de­fense mech­a­nisms. You’ll be able to purge emo­tional con­ges­tion that has been pre­vent­ing clar­ity. You’ll have good in­tu­itions about how to sep­a­rate your­self from in­flu­ences that have made you weak or an­gry. I’m ex­cited for you, Capri­corn! A load of old, moldy karma could dis­solve and dis­perse in what seems like a twin­kling. If all goes well, you’ll be trav­el­ing much lighter by July 1.

AQUAR­IUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 I sug­gest you avoid start­ing a flir­ta­tious cor­re­spon­dence with a con­vict who’ll be in jail for an­other 28 years. Okay? And don’t snack on fugu, the Ja­panese del­i­cacy that can poi­son you if the cook isn’t care­ful about pre­par­ing it. Please? And don’t par­tic­i­pate in a séance where the medium sum­mons the spir­its of psy­chotic an­ces­tors or di­a­bol­i­cal celebri­ties with whom you imag­ine it might be in­ter­est­ing to con­verse. Got that? I un­der­stand you might be in the mood for high ad­ven­ture and out- ofthe­o­r­di­nary es­capades. And that will be fine and healthy as long as you also ex­ert a mod­icum of cau­tion and dis­cern­ment.

PISCES Feb 19 | Mar 20 I sug­gest that you pat your­self on the back with both hands as you sing your own praises and ad­mire your own wil­ful beauty in three mir­rors si­mul­ta­ne­ously. You have won stir­ring vic­to­ries over not just your own per­sonal ver­sion of the devil, but also over your own in­er­tia and sad­ness. From what I can de­ter­mine, you have cor­ralled what re­mains of the forces of dark­ness into a comfy hold­ing cell, seal­ing off those forces from your fu­ture. They won’t bother you for a very long time, maybe never again. Right now you would ben­e­fit from a sab­bat­i­cal – a va­ca­tion from all this high- pow­ered char­ac­ter- build­ing. May I sug­gest you pay a restora­tive visit to the Land of Sweet Nonsense?

Home­work: Many of us try to mo­ti­vate our­selves through abu­sive self- crit­i­cism. Do you? If so, maybe it’s time to change. Tes­tify at Freewil­las­trol­

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