Let­ter from a cli­mate change cynic


Af­ter the crip­pling rage and en­su­ing cyn­i­cism I’ve har­boured since Justin Trudeau’s elec­toral re­form be­trayal, I didn’t feel any­thing when I found out that he was plan­ning to buy a $4.5 bil­lion pipe­line (NOW, May 17-23).

How silly of me to think that in 2019, I would fi­nally be able to vote for some­one who would take our car­bon bud­get se­ri­ously, and have it ac­tu­ally count to­ward some­thing other than a tally of the other con­scious vot­ers who also wasted their bal­lot.

When the PM went to Paris, he made a ma­jor com­mit­ment to the rest of the world on our be­half.

I am 34 and live in Toronto. A large por­tion of my mea­gre pay­cheque is de­pleted by rid­ing ex­pen­sive pub­lic tran­sit, buy­ing ex­pen­sive ve­gan gro­ceries and rent­ing a tiny, overpriced apart­ment. But I don’t mind fork­ing over the money be­cause I feel like I am do­ing my part to help tackle cli­mate change. This month I’ll bring my tent to protest Trans Moun­tain at Burn­aby Moun­tain, along with some hard­earned cash I have set aside to help pay the salaries of those who will ar­rest and fine me when I get there. Alykhan Pa­bani


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