Con­ser­va­tives strike fear in our heart


Re Michael Coren’s col­umn on the Con­ser­va­tive move­ment’s hate-on for Trudeau (NOW, Novem­ber 29-De­cem­ber 5).

Re­gard­less of how you feel about Trudeau and the Lib­er­als, the cur­rent lineup of Con­ser­va­tives should strike fear in the heart of any­one who has an ounce of com­pas­sion or hu­mil­ity (or in­tel­li­gence).

They are tak­ing a page out of the Trump play­book with bald-faced ly­ing and un­re­strained big­otry, misog­yny and stu­pid­ity.

We suf­fered through the Harper years and watched him shut down the sci­en­tists, try to de­con­struct Canada Post, di­min­ish our stand­ing on the world stage and, yes, even refuse to speak to the press. Sound fa­mil­iar?

Mary Lou Mar­tin From

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