Pride and cops as a nec­es­sary evil


In the ar­ti­cle Why Re­form Pride When You Can Just Let It Die? (NOW, Novem­ber 29-De­cem­ber 5), Florence Ash­ley refers to the Toronto Po­lice Ser­vice as “agents of state vi­o­lence.” This is true.

On the flip side, re­mem­ber that an im­por­tant el­e­ment of our rel­a­tively safe and peace­ful so­ci­ety has been the trans­fer of in­ter­per­sonal vi­o­lence to (ideally) im­par­tial sys­tems of jus­tice and en­force­ment.

We clearly still have work to do on the “im­par­tial” piece of this.

Aban­don­ing the del­e­ga­tion of vi­o­lence to the state, how­ever, is not an op­tion if we aim to con­tinue the long-term trend to greater tol­er­ance and peace at ev­ery level.

Cops are a nec­es­sary evil. Let’s col­lab­o­rate to help them serve all of us more fairly.

Tom Som­merville Toronto

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